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Learning is something that should happen throughout one’s lifetime. That’s why GetSetUp created a novel approach to flexible online learning and socialization for older adults.

Education gets a bad rap – from the beginning of time when it was something just for clergy and royalty to the fact that at that time some deserved it and others were thought not to need it. It has been considered unladylike and has been segregated. Therefore, it is no wonder that people don’t hold it to the golden standard that it should be! Rather than focusing on the positive people tend to focus on the negative, where it is failing. There is a lot more complaining going on about learning than really seeing its benefits.

Why does learning need rebranding?

Learning is something we do DAILY whether it is something new we learned from an article in the news to a new recipe we have decided to try at home. That all counts as learning.

From the moment we are born till the day we die, learning helps us to find our place in the world and helps us to create healthier and happier lives. Learning is something that does happen and should happen throughout one’s lifetime.

While learning has been classically rather forced on the young and boxed into schools of various sources, learning can happen anywhere. We need to move past this idea that learning only happens in schools, or only happens with formal teachers. Of course, traditional education is important, but it is just one type of learning. We learn from family, friends, peers, and colleagues. We learn from experiences, from seeing, reading, and doing. No one type of learning fits every person nor covers every issue.

Benefits of Learning

Rebranding Education For Older Adults

A 2014 University of Stirling study on the process of learning and re-skilling older adults examined some of the barriers that hold them back from the benefits of learning. Primarily many older adults draw from their past experiences in school or college, before many of the broad teaching reforms, and these initial exposures are tainted with negative or unproductive experiences. Based on these encounters with learning they saw continuous learning as futile when compared to younger learners.

“It is quite common to encounter older workers who claim to be ‘too old to learn’” (Liu, Courtenay and Valentine 2011).

However, that is a myth -- no one is too old to learn!

The Latest In Life-Long Learning

Nowadays learning opportunities have a variety of methodologies to meet learners’ needs.

One of the most prevalent forms of education is online, especially with the pandemic. Since many older adults do not have a lot of experience with online education, it can at times come with negative connotations. Many education platforms require a lot of basic technology knowledge to get started or offer classes where learners need to be self-motivated to continue learning.

That’s why GetSetUp created a novel and welcoming approach to flexible online learning and socialization for older adults. GetSetUp works with older adults through phone calls and learner support to assure they can take classes and learn the tools.

Through live, virtual interactive classes, older adults can learn skills on topics that interest them from technology to well-being classes to help them economically, cognitively, and socially.

Classes can be taken one or more times based on learners’ needs and are always an environment with Guides who are open to answering any questions.

Learners can get in a session when they have time or schedule sessions ahead of time to best suit them. Classes are just an hour-long, and if you enjoy them you can take another similar class or the next level class. Plus, there are social hours for learners to come and share their experiences and knowledge, as well as learn from each other on a variety of topics from meditating together to traveling from your living room.

Learning doesn’t have to be laborious and negative. Learning can be fun moments that fill your day and help you learn new tools or concepts that interest you. Make learning a part of your everyday life, so that you can reap the benefits of life-long learning!

May 23, 2022

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