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10 fun ways to enjoy your next virtual meeting - make it more engaging and interactive!

Most of us have been on meetings online or meet-ups online now for weeks to months on end. Here at GetSetUp, we have hosted thousands of fun classes and social sessions with our life-long learning community focused on rejuvenation and empowerment.

Connecting virtually is a great way to continue living healthily and following social distancing precautions while still staying in touch with those we love. Though let’s be honest sometimes the same old virtual gathering routine can get a bit dull.

Never fear though — we are here with some new ideas to try! We have put together a list of fun ways to enjoy your next virtual meeting and mix it up a bit!

10 Fun Ways to Get Together Online

  1. Dance Party — Set up a theme — Disco Friday, Ballroom Wednesday, or Hip Hop Sunday and invite your participants to dance together live. Setup a playlist you can all listen to together on Spotify or Google Music. Love to dance, but need to meet other like-minded individuals? Join a virtual dance party from one of the many hosted on Eventbrite.
  2. Poetry Circle— Get together to share poetry that you wrote or a favorite poem from your favorite authors. Add to the event by making it interactive as participants become poets by creating Magnetic Poetry online then sharing results.
  3. Book Club — Nothing is quite like reading and sharing a great discussion over a book you have strong feelings about! Find your favorite readers and band together to form a book club and choose your book. If you need inspiration check out these great suggestions. You can help keep the club on track and meet weekly with chapter goals!
  4. Bingo — Bingo is the classic game of gatherings, and now you can bring it virtually. Make your own BINGO. Then play with your bingo crowd to see who wins. Each member can create their own Bingo game card so you can switch throughout the evening.
  5. Pictionary— Bring out your drawing arm and creativity with Pictionary online by using . Here you can play with Pictionary fans already online or create your own private room where you can invite your favorite Pictionary players.
  6. Trivia — Gather your favorite nerds to play Trivia together! Now you can play online with random trivia generated questions. Learn new things and have a blast!
  7. Scavenger hunt — Have an Online Scavenger Hunt! Not sure you understand how to adapt the game to a virtual platform? Read the rules set up by Nerds Chalk to help you get started. Then adapt the scavenger objects your participants need to find to meet your group’s tastes.
  8. Cook Together— Nothing quite soothes the soul like some fine chopping and stirring to prepare an amazing recipe. You don’t have to cook alone. Invite others to join you. Cook the same recipe and see whose looks better, or each do your own recipe and compare. Check out this list of over 80 meals to cook together on Zoom if you need inspiration.
  9. Exercise Together — Get up and get active! Yin Yoga with Kassandra offers great stretching and low impact sports for those looking to keep their body limber. Not into yoga? Not a problem! Check out these other free classes available maybe one would meet your needs and you can join with friends.
  10. Play Video Games— Why not compete with the gamers in your life from your own living rooms? Join a game that your friends or family are placing or check out new games on Twitch. Want to suggest a game for everyone from the gamer impaired to the pro gamer? Check out the current trend Fall Guys a fun game where players try not to fall. It levels the playing field for those with a bit less practice on gaming consoles and offers options to play on the phone or tablet.

These are just a few great ways to spice up the next Virtual Social Hour you plan to host. Let us know if you have other suggestions and how these work for you! Share with our GetSetUp Community or suggest a class for GetSetUp to host with other like-minded individuals.

Jun 16, 2022

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