Key Takeaways:

  • You don't have to follow every single one of the tips we've given. Even if you just try a couple, we think your photos will improve!
  • Find your angles and use your eyes to enhance your photos.
  • Discover what colors work best with your skin tone, hair color and eyes.

f you're nervous about a friend's wedding or an upcoming family party where there will be tons of pictures taken, don't worry!

Follow these 5 simple tips and your photos will look great no matter what.

1. Find Your Best Angle

Most people don't have a perfectly symmetrical face. When your face tends to be on the asymmetrical side, you should try to find the angle that works best. Here's how:

  1. Compare your selfies taken from different angles to find which one shows you in the best light.
  2. Get clear on which side you like best.
  3. Remember to turn your face so that it is slightly angled toward the camera, rather than facing straight ahead.

2. What to Wear in Photos

In general, your clothing should be darker in color than the background. This will make you appear to stand out more and not blend into the background.

There are some colors that aren't flattering on everyone and can even make them look older or heavier than they actually are. Test out what colors work best for you and your coloring.

3. Smile with Your Eyes

This tip may sound odd, but smiling with your eyes can actually help your expression come off as more relaxed and genuine. It will avoid your smile seem forced.

This can make a huge difference in your photos. It can make you look more natural, fun, and relaxed!

4. Utilize Natural Lighting

One of the most common reasons for an unflattering photograph is a shadowy face. If you’re taking your picture with the sun in front of you, make sure there are no other light sources behind or on either side of your head.

You can use ring lights if you're limited, but it's best to try and get natural lighting!

5. Focusing Your Eyes

Eye contact is one of the most important things you can do to look good in front of any camera. You want your eyes to be the focus of any photograph you take.

Making eye contact will help you look more confident in your photos!

You’ve learned everything you need to know about making yourself look your best in photos!

Just remember that you don't have to follow every single one of the tips we've given. Even if you just try a couple, we think your photos will improve.

If you're not sure which ones apply most to you, ask a friend or co-worker who's good at taking selfies, or even do an experiment with them: take a few selfies and pictures together and see which ones work best for both of you. The most important thing is to have fun with it! After all, the point of taking pictures is so that we can preserve and share our memories... and make ourselves look great!

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Oct 21, 2022