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“GetSetUp is helping me connect and remember old skills and pick up new ones." GetSetUp allows older adults to connect with people, help each other, and be connected. You may feel lonely because there are fewer people around, but in the sessions, you feel like you are so connected!


Anjoo works on a part-time basis for Health Education Library for People (HELP), which is a non-governmental organization that attends more than 1000 people. She heads the library and is responsible for both, the physical and online activities. She does this by working part-time at the library and the rest of the time she works from home. The organization provides more than 10,000 easy to read pamphlets and books and helps people to find resources related to their health queries. They also offer daily talks by health experts and invite experts in alternative therapies to educate the general public on health-related topics. These talks are then uploaded to their YouTube channel to reach even more people. Currently, the talks are being video recorded and uploaded on YouTube for the benefit of subscribers as - 'The show must go on.'

“I’m a very passionate person when it comes to helping people so that is in my nature. Now I am still working on a part-time basis to help people take better care of their health. We help people read up on issues and provide the daily doctor or specialist talks on health,” said Anjoo.

While the organization is currently closed, Anjoo is working from home and hopes it reopens soon. She has been working there for the past 15 years and thoroughly enjoys it. Prior to that, she worked as a corporate banker. When she switched to HELP she found her true calling which is to go out and help people.

With the pandemic, things have been closed and that is a difficult shift for someone used to being on the ground interactively helping people all the time.

“GetSetUp is helping me connect and remember old skills and pick up new ones. I am very excited about it, particularly since seniors in our culture are close with young people who learn from their wisdom. Now suddenly I find we are on the other side of the fence and sometimes don’t know how to do things. This platform allows people to help people so much more with the experiences they have gathered.”

Anjoo first got connected to GetSetUp when a friend sent her a link telling her to try a class since the friend had attended it herself. Anjoo sat down to try a class and “instantly I was like seeing another fun thing and completely hooked!”

She first took a Nutrition Social Hour and then followed up on several classes on Nutrition. She is now looking forward to the upcoming hobby classes.

“There are so many more classes. So you can explore with a group of people you can connect so well with -  that is fantastic! It is nice to find similar faces in each of the lectures.”

Insights for future learning opportunities

Anjoo and husband.

Anjoo loves to learn about any topic and looks forward to seeing more classes on topics like meditation, performing arts, dance, health support, and caregiving.

“Formal caregiving lecture topics are lacking and support for those giving care is lacking in our country,” she said.

Plus she truly believes that anything fun is good for everyone!

“GetSetUp is a beautiful place where we can connect with people, help each other, and be connected. Sometimes it cures loneliness. You may feel lonely because there are fewer people around, but in the sessions, you don't feel online. You feel like you are so connected! Whether it is on the cellphone or laptop, we can help each other grow and share.”

Anjoo is so passionate about the GetSetUp classes that she has already convinced others to join by sharing the experience with them. Plus she is interested in becoming a Guide to teach herself. She is especially interested to bring some of the topics that HELP talks about regarding health online to reach a wider audience.

“I would like to contribute to the growth of GetSetUp. There is a lot of talent out there. I think this will help seniors to grow and come across new ideas. Many seniors don't step out to do activities. It is unlike in western countries, where seniors are still active. People are very dependent on children and the new generation. But I think that is changing now. Parents are starting to feel free to do other things and develop things. This will benefit affect society in a big way.”

Anjoo and her husband, who retired recently, are still planning lots of fun adventures and learning new things. They love to travel and hope once the pandemic passes to get to visit such places as Switzerland, Austria, the UK, or perhaps the US. At the very least they aren’t opposed to a little adventure such as living in the mountains of India for a month.

Anjoo is taking her passion for learning on GetSetUp to the next level and thinking about how she can share her knowledge as a Guide on GetSetUp. Join her and other lifelong learners to make friends, learn new things, and share in a growing community of peers.

May 19, 2022

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