Key Takeaways:

Guides are class topic experts, who love to teach and share knowledge using virtual tools. Their hours are flexible as they make extra money by giving back.

Finding work after 50 can be difficult. Unfortunately, ageism and bias exist in the hiring process that often overlooks extremely qualified candidates. Therefore, many older adults are seeking work on their own terms - looking for jobs that are meaningful and engaging. Jobs that provide extra income but also acknowledge and utilize these highly trained professionals skills.

GetSetUp founders are not shying away from the aging future consumer. Co-founder Lawrence said, “The US population is getting old and aging very quickly — 25% or more will be over 60 soon. They will be everyone’s customers. This is our interesting opportunity and challenge — to figure out how to make it easier for companies to adapt to this change. We make it easier for this population to learn to live more comfortably and easier lives.”

Many folks aging over 50 aren’t planning to quit working anytime soon and GetSetUp has work opportunities for them that are flexible considering their schedule. As Wade said, “My dad will be 91 this year and he’s going strong. I think I attribute that to the fact that he never retired. My intention is to never retire.”

Our Guides are lifelong learners, who love the opportunity to learn new things. Guides are experts in the tools and class topics they teach. They love to teach and share their knowledge. Plus they are able to teach using virtual tools. They work as independent contractors so their job is flexible and built around the hours they have available. Most Guides work between 5–20 hours a week depending on their availability and expertise. This means Guides have a supplemental income that tends to range from $125-$500 a week without ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

Lifelong learners continue to be hungry for knowledge!

Live interactive classes — not a webinar or broadcast — provide interactivity and a let’s do it together message of empowerment! Guides are doing essential meaningful work. Our Guides are not only teaching skills but they are helping to reduce loneliness — America’s silent pandemic—  and create community. They help to foster confidence, empowerment and learning as a benefit. These tools together help to reduce adverse health problems such as early-onset dementia, depression, and other silent killers of inactivity and isolation.

Do you have a talent for guiding others? Join GetSetUp’s Guide Community.

Learn new skills, Teach others, Get Paid!

There are lots of great reasons to become a Guide if you like what you have read so far!

Why Become a Guide?

  1. Share your lifetime of experience and wisdom by teaching older adults online.
  2. You teach and you learn.
  3. You meet and engage with others.
  4. You enrich the lives of learners in your classes.
  5. You earn extra money working part-time from home.

Sound interesting? The application process is simple. You can apply in just 3 simple steps.

3 Steps to Becoming A Guide

  1. Research: Learn More about GetSetUp so you understand the teaching opportunity and the application process. Read More about who we are looking for as Guides. Still, got questions? No worries! Join a free informational session to learn more about the role, process, and ask your questions to our Guide Recruitment Team. Join a Session
  2. Preparation: Once you start the application you will be asked to pick a class idea from our list and submit a short description of how they would teach the class. You can read more about the process to prepare your example prior to your application.
  3. Application: Ready?! Apply, complete, and submit your application.  Apply to be a Guide

We look forward to seeing you in a GetSetUp class soon, either as a Guide leading the class or as a participant!

May 17, 2022

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