Key Takeaways:

 May is National Photography Month, established by Congress in 1987 to celebrate the art, history, and societal impact of photography. GetSetUp has a lively community of photography enthusiasts ready to celebrate.  There are a variety of GetSetUp classes and discussion groups for those of you who want to master picture-taking on your smartphone or camera. We invite you to join us. 

And to celebrate National Photography Month, we’re giving you a fun challenge by sending you on a photo scavenger hunt. We challenge you over the next two weeks to snap pictures of items from the following list. 

  • Something red
  • Something prickly
  • Something hollow
  • Something noisy
  • Something spilled
  • Something with wings
  • Something rotten
  • Something with wheels
  • Something stained
  • Something foamy
  • Something hot
  • Something broken

Get creative. Find ways to make interesting pictures out of the most mundane objects. And get ready to share what you snap. Send your finished photos to GetSetUp Guide Scott at Be the first person to complete the list, and we’ll feature your photos on GetSetUp’s website and social media platforms. 

May 6, 2022