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Learn how David Frost used healthy habits and routines to create positive change in his life and help mitigate chronic pain.

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

You may recognize the closing lines from Vermont’s poet laureate, Robert Frost, from "The Road Not Taken."  In full and open disclosure, I am a shirtsleeve relative of this gent who offered his unrhymed iambic verses at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy 60 years ago.

With your interest piqued (hopefully), I’ll share my journey for Mind-Body Alignment [MBA] which was the theme of a recent GetSetUp blog post.

“When You come to a fork in the Road – Take it…” (Yogi Berra)

Our wonderful worlds are made, in part, by how, when, and why, each of us goes left or right, gees or haws, or blocks and tackles.* (Note: Blocking and tackling is an old reminder to use basic tools and resources to lift heavy loads)

We do this throughout three life phases:

a.  Fortunate and/or focused decisions for roads taken from one’s early learning years, to 

b. one’s growth years of adulthood and middle age, then

c. through one’s encore years when folks (like me) can enjoy and apply “felicities of age” to align mind and body. 

What about Dave?

How did I get to my NOW in my third act, after arriving in this wonderful world on a wintry Vermont night of February 1953? 

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A condensed, Frosty vitae reads:

  • The second of seven chubby kin who attended the same high school as did an actor named Jack Nicholson and an Apollo astronaut, Rusty Schweickart.  The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) attended a nearby school.
  • A Boy Scout who learned to do pull-ups and paddle canoes on his way to the Eagle rank.
  • A Vietnam era naval retiree whose first block and tackling came aboard Naval Academy sailboats on the Severn River a half-century ago. I also rowed and captained the Navy Crew.
  • Named a Rusty Callow Award recipient, plus an Outstanding College Athlete of America (1975).
  • A cold war sailor with memorable assignments – both afloat and ashore.
  • A small business owner and operator who took his road less taken after managing groups in large and mid-sized businesses
  • A proud father and grandpa, and hopefully more than a work in progress for my sainted bride of 44+ years. 
  • A guy who leveraged his phoenix-like rise from a herniated disc in September 2001 to treat his body as a temple and to invest in his physical bank.
  • A Master Fitness Trainer. Coach, adjunct college professor, and volunteer. 
  • An author who launched his first specialty non-fiction book: KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your Nineties in June 2020 with a Strong to Save book sequel is in his writing queue.


I founded Well Past Forty, LLC in 2012 to compile, then share my lessons learned for health and fitness to better others’ journeys in this wonderful world. I’ve coached and helped hundreds of “athletes of all ages” to live longer and better.  

Why?  Investing one’s time and talent to thrive and strive is, most regrettably, a Road NOT taken by most American adults. “We” are generally more obese, sedentary, and unhealthy than centenarians known as happy and aligned BLUE ZONE residents.

Now, we may live longer than did earlier generations. Yet our immunities, hearts, minds, and bodies are chronically challenged by poor diets, polypharmacy practices, personal stressors, and modern environmental toxins.  


I’ve evolved into a tour guide for healthy super-aging and physical banking to offset those challenges. A key “walk the talk” element of my touring and banking guidance is to keep our whole person aligned and tuned. 

Yes, despite almost any medical or physical condition, we can improve and sustain sevens “S’s” in our vital physical banks:

1. Strength

2. Stability (balance)

3. Stamina

4. Stretching

5. Sustenance (clean, anti-inflammatory nutrients)

6. Sleep and

7. Stressing (Not!)

Well Past Forty’s JOIN the MOVEMENT theme is an aligned, systematic thrust that just might help you thrive and strive on your best road traveled.


Jun 22, 2022

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