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Sue loves teaching Chinese Culture, and using her stories of resilience to encourage others.

Sue Tang

Nationality: 🇨🇳

“Poetry from the Song and Tang Dynasties resonates with me. The works of Li Bai and Su Shi describe the beauty of the Chinese scenery and the lifelong journey of individuals who are away from their hometowns. In these poems there is an underlying love of country and hope of seeing loved ones soon. Of course their journeys are difficult but despite the challenges, obstacles, and turmoil, the poets focus on the good things in life, and help readers develop resilience and an encouraging attitude.”

As both a Chinese literature teacher and someone who is far from their hometown, Sue can relate to these poems deeply. Her career in education began in Beijing. Since then, she’s lived all over the world including the Netherlands, United States, and Canada. In each place Sue resided, she taught in a Chinese School. Despite her impressive credentials, Sue struggled to obtain a working permit in the U.S. Without a working permit or a teaching union to sponsor her, Sue and her family moved to Canada.

As her favorite poetry often encouraged, Sue remained resilient despite the setbacks, and found a way to teach as an in-school settlement worker. In this role She helped over 500 immigrant families settle into their new lives in Calgary.

“My passion is teaching Chinese culture and poetry to overseas Chinese living all over the world as well as those who have the curiosity to learn about Chinese culture. When living in a foreign country you integrate for your career and future. Most 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Chinese migrants have forgotten or never learned Chinese characters and language. I often meet older friends who can no longer communicate with relatives back in China due to language barriers. I hope my struggles will encourage them to not give up, and my classes will teach my friends what they have forgotten.”

This feature is written by GetSetUp Journalism Fellow Jordan Evans, a student at Florida State University.

May 19, 2022
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