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“I really feel like I’ve come home when it comes to GetSetUp. I want to get out of bed in the morning because I now have an exciting career. I want to make a career out of this for the next 30 years . . .”

Michael in Cape Town 20 December 2020 at his daughter Keri’s wedding.
Michael in Cape Town 20 December 2020 at his daughter Keri’s wedding.

GetSetUp discovered Michael who was working on a variety of platforms as a professional writer, ghost-writer, and business owner mentor. GetSetUp reached out to see if he would be interested in bringing his skills to the GetSetUp community.

“The GetSetUp concept appealed to me. I decided to give it a try! It has been a very pleasant experience and I have found that the support staff wants to help – an unusual experience in many companies. There is always support just a click away on Slack. I found this reassuring. Now I love getting into the classroom, socializing, and sharing information. The seniors attending are such fun and often interactive.”

Michael has decades of experience in business one-on-one and classroom training; even writing his own training material, but he had not taught online before. He had done a bit of voluntary coaching on Skype, but GetSetUp helped him to enhance his Zoom skills. Like many people, prior to the pandemic, he worked face to face and in person with his clients. So, there was a learning curve with the technology portion of teaching GetSetUp, but he fitted into it like a hand-in-glove.

"GetSetUp is advancing in leaps and bounds by bringing qualified technical staff to the company. I love the people interaction in GetSetUp in and out of the virtual classroom, more so than previously in my career. Having my wife work with me is also incredibly special.”

Researching, exploring, writing, and training Throughout His Life

Coffee with Michael, his gnome, and his microgreens.
Coffee with Michael, his gnome, and his microgreens.

Michael was already tech-savvy prior to joining GetSetUp. He had held high positions in companies and launched international franchises in his country winning many marketing awards. He has started many of his own businesses, done his own marketing, and built up these small businesses.

Michael was painfully ill for many years to the point where he had to use a wheelchair. He decided to change his lifestyle and research to understand various foods and alternative medicine. Through blogs, vlogs, articles, he kept a record of his successes.

Over the years he had developed painful legs and feet and had trouble walking. When he started a self-healing trial and error journey. He opened a YouTube channel, created a website, and started talking about his journey to heal his body from aches, pains, and other health issues. He has also published a book, many eBooks, and short articles based on research and his personal journey to a healthier life. He is now free of all leg pains.

Michael started out on GetSetUp teaching Introduction to Zoom classes, which he continues to teach. He said it was a great way for him to continue to hone his Zoom skills. He is also teaching several other classes on technology apps like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Now he is teaching 12 classes on GetSetUp including classes on technology apps and two classes he designed himself. The classes he designed include:

Growing Microgreens in your Home and Steps for Creating a Unique Business Idea from Home.

“I especially love teaching the classes that are 100% my own idea and design. It is fun to put together the content and then share it in a class.”

Michael's class on microgreens really speaks to his passion for gardening and health. He also loves blogging and vlogging about both. He spends his spare time in the garden, growing microgreens, reading science fiction like Star Trek adventures, and painting whatever catches his imagination at the time.

“Now I’m 100% fit and I’m really grateful for it. I left my website with the eBooks, articles, and videos freely available for anyone to download to help them discover that the road to self-healing starts with your microbiome and the microorganisms in your gut.”

In addition to alternative healing research Michael is passionate about helping people find what they are born to do. That is why he has been teaching Steps for Creating a Unique Business Idea from Home.

“At this senior phase in our life cycle, many people are largely dealing unconsciously with their subconscious. They are trying to find what they were born to do. However, often one’s logical mind gets in the way. I love teaching how to get past that in my Business Ideas class.”

Michael knows the struggles that come with businesses as he has been starting new ones all his life and helping to mentor others using his IIB accreditation (Institute for Independent Business).

New beginnings can happen at any age

Michael and Sue getting married in their garden cottage called “Penny Farthing."

He genuinely enjoys all the GetSetUp learners and his opportunity to start a new career at 72. Michael and his wife recently moved from South Africa to Australia to help care for some of Sue’s grandchildren. While the culture has its differences, Michael has been able to feel at home with his online community and his beloved wife.

“For me, home is with my wife. We could go anywhere and that would be home. Plus, I keep in contact on a weekly basis with my children and grandchildren through social media. It is nice because you can see them face to face. The only difference is you aren’t in the same room to feel the same energy and touch.”

Michael has been used to moving around a lot throughout his life.  His 9 children have recently moved to new countries with their spouses. He looks forward to traveling and exploring new places to see them. His work as a writer, and now on GetSetUp, makes it easy for him to move countries and change lifestyles in his exploration of new knowledge and experiences.

“I really feel like I’ve come home when it comes to GetSetUp. I want to get out of bed in the morning because I now have an exciting career.  I want to make a career out of this for the next 30 years and teach as many as perhaps 4 classes a day and spend the balance of each day researching for new ideas. I hope in the future to design more classes myself.”

Michael is ready to take on any class topic and research it to become an expert to pass that knowledge on to others. In his spare time, he enjoys learning about world politics, alternative health, spiritual development, and staying abreast of technology.

Join Michael in a GetSetUp class to see how technology and learning a new skill can enhance your life!

May 17, 2022

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