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Womaness has launched a beauty care line of products specifically to help alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause. Join the founders as they discuss the most common symptoms of menopause, questions you should ask your doctor, and safe and effective products in the market to address symptoms.

Menopause has long been that period in a woman’s life that goes untalked about and often ignored by society in general. Sally Mueller had over 35 years of experience working for companies like Target and in areas focused on skincare, fashion, and beauty products. When she reached menopause she realized she wasn’t aware of many of the naturally occurring changes women go through hot flashes, dry skin, and sleepless nights - worse yet - there was no line of health and wellness care for her age bracket.

“I had spent lots of years identifying unmet needs in the business market. At the time I knew I was in menopause but didn’t know that all my symptoms I was experiencing were dead on and very common symptoms to menopause until I spoke with my doctor at the Mayo Clinic. She gave me a product on Amazon. There was simply nothing out there for the doctor to choose from.”

She had spent years personally crafting the vision of some of the world's most compelling brands like VERSED skincare, and knew key products were being disrupted.

“At that time so many legacy brands were being disrupted like with natural deodorant or Nair over razors. I felt a calling to disrupt health and wellness and create a category for menopause where there was none,” said Sally.

On a trip to NYC she got her friend Michelle Jacobs onboard as a co-founder. The two got to talking and realized this was an area ripe for opportunity.

“We knew so many women in their 40-50s with so much wisdom, talent, and creativity, and there is nothing for women my age in wellness.”

So the duo decided to create Womaness, a health and wellness product line in a menopause category. They did their own research, curation, and pulling from leading experts in the field. To do this they relied on focus groups to help them shape their brand and develop products to really address women’s major symptoms.

“At any given time there are 50 million women in the US going through menopause. The average length of time each person experiences menopause is 10 years. After that you are a changed person. It’s a time of transition. Women need to find a community and product line that speaks to them during this time period.”

Major Symptoms of Menopause

Image by Mikael Häggström - using information from Wikipedia
Image by Mikael Häggström - using information from Wikipedia

There are many different symptoms of menopause and these vary person to person, but Womaness took a stab at attempting to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with some of the top most common Menopause symptoms.

  1. Skin changes due to loss of estrogen including much drier skin
  2. Hot flashes
  3. Night sweats
  4. Vaginal dryness
  5. Hair changes that include shifts in texture and for some hair loss
  6. Sleep disruption
  7. Incontinence
  8. Diminished Libido

In addition to creating a line of 13 products to help deal with some of the symptoms associated with menopause, Womaness is also seeking to educate and create a community. Leading doctors and specialists in women’s health such as Dr. Ekta Kapoor and Laura Meihofer have used their insights and provide tips and expert opinions to the Womaness community, a private group on Facebook so women can ask questions, get advice, and help support each other. This community covers topics such as menopause, premature menopause, fitness, hormone replacement therapy, and how to advocate for your own health. The goal is just to help women become more informed.

Now with 13 products and a recent launch in March 2020, Womaness is ready to take control of the menopause category and make it a staple. They are dedicated to assuring that these products are affordable with prices ranging from $8.99-$39.99. They are available both online and in select Target stores.

“We wanted to make sure that menopause products were able to help every woman.”

To that point, Sally highlights three products that she thinks most women can appreciate.

  1. Let’s Neck - A neck roller that is great for hydrating this often forgotten and ignored skin that dries out in menopause.
  2. Me.No.Pause - A hero supplement with all natural ingredients that have been clinically tried and tested help with hot flashes, night sweats, calming, and focus.
  3. Daily V Soothe - A vaginal moisturizer that hydrates and can be used everyday or before being intimate.

Want to learn more about menopause and get your questions answered on the health and wellness products that are most useful to address your symptoms?

Join the women from Womaness as they discuss the most common symptoms of menopause, questions you should ask your doctor, and safe and effective products in the market to address symptoms.

Guest Speaker: Menopositivity with Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs

The average woman spends 1/3 of her life in menopause. What are the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and what can you do to be better prepared and live an unstoppable life?" Learn more about this evitable transition called menopause from the founders of Womaness, a high-performance collection of modern menopause products created by women for women that offer solutions from head to toe (and everything in between). In this session, Michelle and Sally will share the most common symptoms of menopause, the difference between menopause and aging; and questions everyone should ask their doctor.

May 19, 2022

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