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Melba, a 79-year-old retired administrative assistant from Baltimore, keeps active in retirement by volunteering for a local Rally Against Parkinson’s group, sending out daily emails to friends with amusing stories and inspiring memes, and taking classes on GetSetUp through a partnership with the Baltimore County Department of Aging.

She learned about GetSetUp from a friend who invited her over to take a dance class together. She enjoyed the class so much that she decided to explore more.

“I started checking into GetSetUp, and I could not believe the variety of classes offered. There were so many different exercise classes and the schedule changed from day to day, offering different instructors and different approaches to fitness. I could go from this Monday to next Monday and not have the same class.”

During the pandemic, she liked the GetSetUp classes because she didn’t have to wear a mask when exercising like she would at the gym, which was difficult when doing strenuous exercise. She also liked that she didn’t have to drive somewhere to take classes.

“It's convenient, especially if you're taking two or three classes a day—you can get to each one with just the click on a computer. ” 

After injuring her hip in a fall in June of 2021, she found the classes even more useful. She went through surgery and physical therapy. After physical therapy, the GetSetUp exercises helped her continue her rehabilitation.

“I’ve tried different exercise classes on GetSetUp, and I think all of the ones that I tried have helped me. The strength training classes helped me regain strength in my right leg after my injury. There was one exercise where I sat in a chair and had to stand up without using my hands on the chair. At first I could only do three, but now I can do 12 without any problem!

“Exercise helps you. I don't want to just sit around. Maybe someday, when I get old, I will [sit around].”

She also enjoys classes on nutrition, acupressure, and memory.

“In one memory class, the Guide had us hold a conversation with someone but we couldn’t use words with one of the letters in the alphabet, in this case ‘e’. You really have to concentrate, and it sharpens your focus and mental skills.”

Classes she wants to take in the future

While she knows the basics of technology, she’d like to take more technology classes. And she’s thinking of taking a Spanish class.

“There are so many different topics on GetSetUp. If you can't find something you like, I don't know what to tell you. You get to meet new people and improve yourself. All of the classes are interesting. And if you need help, you can contact support and someone gets back with you and tries to help you. It's just a fantastic program and a fantastic group. Fantastic in capital letters and a lot of exclamation points!!!”
Oct 22, 2022
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