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We are so excited to announce GetSetup's first cohort of Journalism Fellows.

A few weeks ago we launched the GetSetup Journalism Fellowship program. The program is designed to support 3 journalism fellows from around the world who are passionate about bringing a fresh and inspiring narrative to the media conversation around older adults. They will be writing engaging articles that highlight the lives of older adults from around the globe.

We are so excited to announce GetSetup's first cohort of Journalism Fellows. Meet Jordan Evans, Gaby Molina and Karissa Schumacker!


Karissa is a Mass Communications major at UW-Madison. She believes that storytelling is at the center of the human experience. 

"In sharing history, educating the next generation, or simply creating connections with others, storytelling is the mode through which humans find understanding. Through stories we learn empathy and social cues, we observe the past, and collectively, we move forward. In considering the COVID-19 pandemic, stories must be told to heal from loss, share grief and celebrate the triumph with which we can live healthy once again."


Jordan is a Marketing major at Florida State University. Stories have inspired Jordan from a young age. 

"I grew up in a home littered with books. The stories I read over and over again promised me that dragons can be defeated and friends can be made no matter the circumstances. Books brought hope to a world that I often found overwhelming. I am forever grateful to the writers who penned this hope and poured their life into mine. I intend to continue this legacy of storytelling, reminding readers that they are not alone nor is their personal story finished."


Gaby lives in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She loves storytelling for two reasons: 

"In the first place, I love giving voice to those who want to be heard. I love having the ability to provide my talent and helping others to express their emotions and ideas. The second reason, a bit more selfish, is that I love how storytelling makes me feel. Whenever I write a story that I know will have an impact, I feel I have served my purpose."

We are excited to have these fellows sharing their talents with our community. 

Look for their articles on our blog and social media in the upcoming weeks! 

May 18, 2022

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