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The GetSetUp platform has a lot to offer. It isn’t complicated and gives the user the ability to give feedback, ask questions, and follow up by giving a rating of the class.”


Len Wehrung and his wife are first-time empty nesters as of last week when his youngest daughter headed off to start her freshman year and join her sister, a junior, at college. A former Navy photographer, Len now has his own business that works with commercial photography and videos. Typically his company provides photography and videos for people who need portraits of their people or businesses for website use, or perhaps want to show a product demonstration, marketing, or testimonials.

Len describes himself as, “Right now, I’m just trying to get through life dealing with family things that pop up.”

He had never heard of GetSetUp until the YMCA of Houston started promoting classes through their partnership with GetSetup. Prior to Covid-19 he and his wife were going to the YMCA for yoga classes and other things about 3–4 times a week and Len was looking forward to getting some swimming in. With the pandemic, swimming has had to be put off for a bit.

“The YMCA started the GetSetUp class offerings about two or three weeks ago. I was looking for things to do and improve myself, so I figured I would give it a try. I’m considering branching out a bit in my business and a couple of classes dealing with marketing through websites and building a website interested me.”

Learning to market yourself using social media and the internet

Thus Len ended up signing up for three classes in just one week on How to Sell Your Ides on Instagram on a Monday, How to Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself on a Wednesday and to close out the week Building Your First Website on a Friday. These particular classes ranged in price from $4.99-$9.99.

“The interface processes like signing up and taking the class were easy. Plus, the instructor was open to question and it was very conversational. The classes were fairly small and I guess I was lucky that it was great to get started on some interest that I was trying to accomplish.”

Len said he enjoyed all the classes as each taught him a little bit about something new he didn’t know.

“I enjoyed the website building class the most because it dealt with more than one platform. But at the same time, I have been an Instagram user for a long time and I learned a lot about marketing on it that I didn’t know. When I first joined Instagram I wasn’t looking at it as a marketing tool but rather to look at work that I admired. Also being self-employed on LinkedIn I wasn’t looking to find a job, but that class opened my eyes to how I can use LinkedIn not just to find a job. So even though I preferred the website class the most — I got a lot out of the other classes as well.”

Now Len knows a lot about setting up his own website, he still has a lot to do as a photographer and videographer to get to the point where he can launch his own site.

“I’ve made more than one attempt at starting a site in the past. The thing about it is that building a website for a photographer means I got to get all my ducks in the row. I have a lot of content that needs to be ready to load onto the site first. That means organizing and sorting through 40 years of photography including film images that need to be digitalized. I’m trying to juggle a lot of other things now so to go back through 40 years of work is a daunting task.”

Retirement pursuits of passion and knowledge

It might be a little bit before we see Len’s site up and live. Especially as he anticipates retiring in the next 5 years. Except for perhaps e-commerce, he plans to spend his time doing other things he enjoys. Ideally, he plans to travel with his wife, perhaps to Europe where they have both been in their youth but have not had the chance to go together yet. Furthermore, he plans to spend more time pursuing some of his other passions like gardening, lawn care, home repair, and classic cars. Currently, he has a 1970 Baracuda in his garage from his brother. However, he doesn’t feel it is the car for him and is looking for a two-seat convertible perhaps a Corvette, Thunderbird, or Mazda Miata. Something a bit smaller and easier to work with like his former 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider. While he doesn’t have any sure classic car prospects ready to purchase he says he tends to gravitate toward the unusual.

He would be interested in taking some classes on these interests as well if in the future he sees they are offered.

“I like the GetSetUp platform a lot. It wasn’t really complicated but it had some aspects that gave the user — someone like me — the ability to give feedback, ask questions, and follow up by giving a rating of the class.”

Overall Len thinks the YMCA and GetSetUp are a perfect partnership.

“You have a broad spectrum of people who look to improve their lives and lots of seniors who are there for other aspects at the YMCA and I think it is a great idea! — I need to revisit the schedule too so that I don’t miss out on something new.”

Whether it is business classes, technology classes, or hobby focused classes GetSetUp has a class that peaks just about every learner’s interest. Why not come and check out one for yourself?

May 18, 2022
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