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Join GetSetUp this Earth Day for a reflection on what each of us can do to help the environment and preserve our planet with classes throughout the day focused on nature and environmental themes.

Earth Day has been celebrated annually every April 22 since 1970. This is the day to show your support for environmental protection and sustainability. Globally the world coordinates together to have a lot of insightful events around nature, the environment, and what you can do to reduce any impact you may have that is damaging the globe. The leading organizer of these events are who coordinates a global event that often includes more than a billion people representing 193 countries.  

Earth Day continues to be a unifying day each year to focus on the environment so with that in mind we put together a series of nature and environment-focused events in our special Earth Day series.

Earth Day

Join our special Earth day series to help educate, activate, and inform learners how they can help create an impact in the global environmental movement. Together we can create, implement, and sustain positive actions to help our planet.

Join GetSetUp for one or more Earth Day classes

Celebrate together!

This Earth Day we have two classes focused on bringing people together to focus on the Earth. We are teaming up with Camp Supernow to offer a fun-filled virtual grandkids and grandparents event about Earth Day! So invite the grandkids and share in this fun experience. Or attend our Earth Day picnic special. Learn great tips to have an Earth Day picnic with those you love.

Earth Day Celebration with Your Grandkids!

Invite your grandkids to join you for this special Earth Day celebration where kids and their grandparents will join forces to build an eco-friendly time capsule with Earth-saving tips and memories. Families will have fun, learn, and feel connected, even when apart!

Celebrate Earth Day - Have a Picnic!

The Earth doesn’t get a lot of TLC these days. Let’s take time out to connect with our planet on Earth Day, April 22, with a virtual picnic to prepare for the day. This session includes ideas and foods that are good for the earth and may just become more than a one-day habit. Join this session for ideas on sustainable practices, eco-friendly habits and seasonal recipe ideas for enjoying local goodness.

Get out and enjoy nature

Nothing quite reminds you about hte need to appreciate nature like getting out there and enjoying it. For many of us that’s through exploring our creative talents as they relate to nature. Enjoy these fun-filled photography classes to enhance your nature photography skills! Then if you feel ambitious go on to use them to help inspire people to do more to preserve the beauty captured in your images.

Become a Nature Photographer - Flowers and Other Close-Ups

Capturing nature's beauty with your camera is a real joy! In this session, we'll share tips on shooting and composing close-ups of flowers, plants, insects, dew droplets, and more!

Become a Nature Photographer - Landscapes

Love to take photos of sites and scenery? In this session you'll discover how to shoot landscapes, leveraging the best weather, lighting conditions, and composition.

Become a Nature Photographer - Wildlife

Interested in wildlife photography? Shooting photos of wildlife comes with its own challenges such as low light, moving subjects, etc. Join this session to learn the basics of wildlife photography so you can get started capturing great images of birds and other wild animals.

Recycle and reuse

Recycling doesn’t have to be just bottles and cans, you can recycle what you have. Learn how to use what you have and old craft projects to create something new. With a bit of creativity, we can make new what was old! Through simple actions to not constantly buy new things we can help reduce our carbon footprint and diminish how much waste we produce. Each little step helps!

Recycled Crafts: Making the Most Out of What You Already Have

Take what you have on hand and learn to creatively turn it into a unique work of art. Reduce, reuse and recycle your craft projects with this DIY craft inspiration. Get creative by using common household items, that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Enjoy exploring your creativity.

Join GetSetUp this Earth Day for a reflection on what each of us can do to help the environment and preserve our planet with classes throughout the day focused on nature and environmental themes.

May 18, 2022

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