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“GetSetUp as a whole is fabulous. Sometimes seniors are very isolated especially now; it’s isolating for everyone. This is a great way to connect. Connection is my big thing. You can’t touch on a computer but you can get the idea of connection across.”

As a teacher and lifelong learner,  Linda has never understood how people can be bored when there is so much to learn. She is particularly excited to have found people who share her love of learning through GetSetUp classes.

“I like GetSetUp and its people. It’s a bunch of people who want to learn! I stumbled on it by accident but now I share it with everyone!”

Linda first heard about GetSetUp in an article in The National Education Association Magazine back in the summer.

“I thought that looks great.”

As a  retired classroom teacher and now a substitute in Pennsylvania, Linda has to take at least 6 graduate credits every 5 years to keep up her teaching license. So while she was impressed with GetSetUp at the time, she had to focus on classes to keep her teaching license.

Once she completed her course she came back to GetSetUp. She started out with courses on Zoom, Google Calendar, and Google Slides.

“I like all the social hours. I really enjoy those. I want to get into more of those because it’s interesting to meet people.”

Linda likes to see how people handle different situations. She thinks there is a lot to be learned there.

“Life is a journey. You do the best you can and everyone has their own way. People have done marvelous things,  You see a lot of  love. It’s inspiring; people are so inspiring.”

As a teacher, she knows firsthand that when you can connect with  other people, your interactions and learning are much more meaningful. True connections make up the best parts of life.

“My big thing in life is connections. That’s what gets me through life - positive connections.”

Linda hosts the plant-based eating session

Linda had lots of teaching experience. So she wanted to pick an interest group topic that she thought people would be interested in and she had a passion and knowledge about.

“First I thought of helping grandparents or anyone help children be better learners, but that seemed too specific. Especially as some people don’t have much contact with children. Then I considered vegetarianism. I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time.”

Linda found that people had a lot of interest in plant-based eating. Even GetSetUp’s own leader, Norman is vegetarian.

“There seems to be a lot of interest in vegetarianism, and people  in our interest group are at various stages of plant-based eating.  One lady has been vegetarian for 40 years.”

Linda herself has been a vegetarian for the past 26 years due to her personal beliefs.

“For me, it has to do with the environment and treatment of animals. I think each person has to do what he or she is comfortable with. What our group does more than anything is raise consciousness in a non-pressuring way.”

Linda recognizes that everyone comes to plant-based eating differently. She noticed almost everyone in the group was interested in the topic at least in part due to health reasons.

“That was not my initial motivation that was a secondary benefit. For me, it was an ethical thing. I don’t get into that,  because people don’t seem into it in the class and any reason to eat plant-based is valid.”

Sharing a variety of experience

Plant-based eating of course is so much more than just eating leaves, a common misconception of vegetarianism.

“It’s an interesting topic that I feel passionate about. Plus the time has come for this conversation. Everyone is very giving and shares their own experience. No one tries to be a star. Plus Norman is awesome. He keeps things moving along and has a calm manner.”

The interest group strives to be open to all plant-based interest learners. From those curious to learn more to those with lots of tips and tricks up their sleeves to share!

“One of the things that I try to establish at the start of each session is that everyone is at a different point in their plant-based eating journey. Some people are finding out what plant-based eating is. Some people have dabbled in it or tried it before. Sometimes that means they didn’t like it or didn’t know what to do. Our group is to help people find out how you can eat plant-based foods, share tips and experiences. People have these wonderful resources that I never heard of.”

One of the nice things about interest groups is that everyone is there to share. While an Ambassador is leading the discussion the goal is really for everyone to come and participate!

“I don’t consider myself the instructor of the group.  I feel that I’ve learned more from them than they have from me, but I stick in a few facts when it is appropriate.”

Linda isn’t shocked that the plant-based eating group has grown in popularity. She read just last week that the plant-based food industry is a growing billion-dollar industry.

Plus now it is easier than ever to find meat substitutes and get great recipes from a variety of different cultures.

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“GetSetUp as a whole is fabulous. Sometimes seniors are very isolated especially now; it’s isolating for everyone. This is a great way to connect. Connection is my big thing. You can’t touch on a computer but you can get the idea of connection across.”

Join Linda in her session on plant-based eating:

Plant-based Eating

Are you curious/interested in modifying your diet to include more plants? Have you already become vegetarian or vegan? Is there someone in your family who has done so? Join us for a community-led discussion group to share ideas about plant-based eating. (Led by Linda R.)

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Plant-based Eating

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May 18, 2022
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