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Through GetSetUp Linda found a way to improve her health by addressing her introverted nature and interacting with more people, exploring travel, maintaining her exercise routine during COVID, and working on holistic health.

Linda G. of Long Island, NY, retired in 2021. She worked as a buyer of microscopes and other electronics for over 27 years.  In retirement, she balances her time between books, classes, cooking, gardening, and taking care of her granddaughter.

While she loves retirement, she was looking for something to do. Through Humana, she learned of GetSetUp and found a way to improve her health by addressing her introverted nature and interacting with more people, exploring travel, maintaining her exercise routine during COVID, and working on holistic health. New York was offering free classes on GetSetUp to residents and studying was something she had been passionate about but hardly gotten to do while caring for her children and making ends meet in the past 15 years since her husband passed.

“I was recently retired and looking for opportunities to learn. You know without having to study too hard.” 

Linda’s favorite part about GetSetUp is the diversity. There is a huge range of subjects, classes, and new topics to explore. But more than the diversity of classes on the platform, she truly appreciates the diverse people on the platform.

“You have Guides and learners from all over the world and that there are classes offered in different languages.”

Since Linda is passionate about learning she often finds she needs to give herself a cut-off time to unwind.

“I try to put a cut-off time at 8 PM to stop classes, otherwise I could stay up all night.”

Linda G.

Introvert breaking out of her comfort zone

“I’m a big-time introvert, and I know that’s not healthy for seniors. If no one is talking to you and you aren’t talking to others, and the kids are doing their thing, then it’s not good for you. They say that loneliness will be the next most common cause of death in the future. I think that could be true. There are a lot of sad, lonely people out there, and it’s not good.”

Linda is smart to push herself to socialize. According to a study done in the UK,

  • social isolation increases the risk of all causes of mortality by 29%, 
  • loneliness increases mortality by 26%, 
  • which is augmented to 32% for those who live alone
  • and all these health risks are three times greater for those over 65.

Linda has always considered herself a square peg in a round hole. Now that she’s retired, if she doesn’t put herself out there, she might just keep reading alone - especially during COVID time, according to her. 

“GetSetUp is putting me out of my comfort zone and that’s the best thing. I go on it and it takes me out of my introvert zone, keeps me healthy, and mentally and emotionally engaged.” 

The platform gives her some evening interactions and has helped her with her goal of overcoming her introverted rut she said. Since she started GetSetUp about when she retired, her life has gotten better. She no longer has a job she’s unhappy with, can learn thanks to her local partnership with GetSetUp, and can connect with others despite COVID.  

“The best part about GetSetUp is the opportunities for connection and learning in a well and diverse group of Guides and fellow learners. That has been really inspiring for me.”

Aging using holistic health and wellness

Retirement is giving her a chance to learn and explore with Guides from around the world. She’s really enjoyed a number of classes from Russ, Sue, Carol, Glenda, and the Natalies based in Australia, but she is particularly passionate about Kristina’s advanced yoga classes.

“Kristina’s yoga classes are good for me because I now have back issues. The classes help relieve a lot of that back pain and pain from arthritis. They are keeping me challenged physically.”

She also enjoys some of the Tai Chi classes with Ty and strength training with Natalie.

“Exercise has changed due to COVID. When the weather is nice, I try to walk 3-5 miles a day. I have a gym membership, but I’m not comfortable going there now. Plus, I’m not as good at exercising on my own. I lost 50 pounds two years ago, so my goal is just not to go back there. Because of GetSetUp’s fitness classes, I’m able to remain active as much as I can.”

Linda does her best to stay healthy and well without using medicines whenever possible. She prefers chiropractors, massages, and physical therapy over more invasive health care.

“I try to avoid my healthcare provider as often as I can except when I need to renew my blood pressure medicine.”

Linda feels that GetSetUp aligns with a more holistic source of preventative health and wellness with lots of classes related to these subjects.

“I tend to be a very holistic type of person, so I tend to avoid medical intervention when I possibly can. Of course, I’m going for my arthritis and issues with my back. The truth is that I tend to be more into diet, exercise, meditation, and knowledge about health and wellness than running to a doctor or taking a pill. Currently, I don’t take anything for my arthritis, for example.”

 Inspired to travel

Linda had spent over 25 years without going on vacation until this past year due to inspiration from GetSetUp. 

“Last year, I visited a cousin in Virginia and went on a cruise. I have to credit Russ’s classes for that. He’s really interactive. His inspiration and that of the other people in that group have really put the travel bug in me. I spent a lot of time researching when and where I want to go next.” 

Now that Linda no longer has to worry about contributing to her 401k instead of going on vacation she finds herself regularly attending the group for solo travelers. It has inspired her to plan and explore where her next adventures will take her.

“The traveling solo classes are like a support group and an idea group since no one is going anywhere right now. Russ comes up with weekly topics that have inspired me. I’m less afraid as a single senior to do these things in part due to these classes and the people in the group.”
Oct 27, 2022
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