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Learn how to use your smartphone to alert both 911 and emergency contacts with your location and provide vital medical information to those coming to your aid! Join Guest Speaker John Pastore to learn how on GetSetUp.

In 2017, while John Pastore was away on a business trip, his wife Elaine had a medical emergency and called 911. Had he been notified that his wife was ill, he could have provided essential information on medications, past diagnoses, and other details to EMTs that might have saved her life.

John doesn't want anyone else to go through what he did. So, he urges you to ask yourself these questions: 

  • If you had an emergency, would your emergency contacts be notified of?
  • Would first responders be able to access your vital medical information?

If you answered no, John's class is for you. He's helping older adults like himself prepare for emergencies so they don't have to suffer a tragic loss as he did. He has developed

Emergency info plan stickers.

the Emergency Info Plan.

  • Medical ID - First responders and medical professionals will know how to access your vital medical information.
  • Emergency Contacts - Alerts your loved ones if you're unable.
  • Location sharing - The easiest way to alert and share your location with 911 during an emergency

Did you know...

All smartphones have an emergency information area available, so emergency services can quickly and easily access them. However, each device has a slightly different access point, and not all emergency personnel are trained to use all devices. 

That's why John teamed up with Matt Melton to create Emergency Info Plan Stickers. These simple stickers help make your medical information easy to access. Plus, your emergency contacts are automatically notified. It will even send them your location.

"A sticker is simple. It can go on the back of your phone, and it explains how to access the information. Even though there is this free service on all phones, I've only found about 20 people who had it set up right even though it has been available since 2017."

Set up your phone's emergency plan 

Don't let another day go by without helping yourself, EMT, and others prepare to help save your life. Watch John's class, How to Use Your Phone as a Life-saving Device.  He teaches both iPhone and Android phone owners how to set up and use their phones for emergency notifications. Plus, he will share what information to include for responders and show how first responders gain access to your information.

May 17, 2022

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