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“I have a lot of technology and I want to maximize my use of it,” said Lee and that's what is bringing her to GetSetUp classes regularly - to learn new technology skills and refresh unused tech skills.

Lee is a Devoted health plan member and first heard about GetSetUp through her local Houston YMCA. She gets their regular Forever Well emails and one day at the bottom she noticed GetSetUp.

“At first, I was on GetSetUp at least 2- 3 times a week. I can’t think of a class I have taken that I haven’t enjoyed.”

Lee started out with a Zoom class. She wanted to learn how to host Zoom meetings.

“If you don’t practice you kind of have to start again. I don’t mind though if I have to take it again. I just log in to take another class. With these classes, I don’t feel like if they see me again it's a problem. They just welcome you.”

In fact, Lee had a class lined up for later that day, she was taking a class again on Google Sheets. She had taken Guide Lee’s class on Getting Your Affairs in Order and wanted to start putting her information into a spreadsheet.

“I have never had to use Excel or Google Sheets, so now I’m trying to wrap my head around it. Usually, I don’t mind taking a class again. I take a sheet of paper and put the name and class. Then if I take the class again I reorganize my notes. I try to focus on one thing that I want to get out of the class at a time. I’m not trying to get it all at once in one class.”

Today she is trying to remember how to add different content in the spreadsheet with the “drag and drop” feature to get her sheet right where she wants it.

Maximize using the technology in your home

Most of the classes that Lee has taken so far are on technology.

“I have a lot of technology and I want to maximize my use of it.”

Classes like on how to take great pictures with your iPhone or how to use Alexa or Amazon have helped her a lot to maximize the tools she has at her fingertips.

She has also enjoyed some of the more social classes like the Line Dancing Class and a class on mindfulness where she learned to take a moment to just put your hand over your heart and enjoy the reflection.

Lee loves teaching line dancing, which is called hustle in other parts of the country. She has taught line dancing at her church for many years and was traveling monthly to Line Dance Events all over the USA and a few out of the Country.

“The thing about line dancing that I like is it’s something you can do without a partner. You don’t need to know all the steps. You are exercising and having fun!  Plus, you can laugh and there is no one there to grade you.”

She’s considering teaching it online with GetSetUp in the future but she’s pretty busy these days.

“I’m as busy now as I was pre-COVID. I have YMCA classes virtually every day. Listening to webinars by doctors, touring virtual museums, and classes on health & mindfulness are awesome. With classes on GetSetUp also, my days are full.”

As a registered pharmacist, Lee was used to working long hours for over 30 years.  She retired at 57 when she went on vacation and never went back. Her ongoing vacation means she really enjoys being able to change her schedule on a whim. She has a whole schedule of things she enjoys doing but doesn’t feel obligated to commit to it like a job.

A friendly virtual community

One of the things that Lee enjoys about GetSetUp is the welcoming environment.

“I like when I come to the class and sign in. The Guides all say “Hi Lee” and welcome me and others joining in.  It’s nice that they acknowledge each learner and give them an opportunity to ask questions.  I feel comfortable asking a question without people judging.”

She likes that the Guides seem to go the extra mile and stay on to help people and answer questions when they can. Plus, Lee doesn’t have to depend on her notes alone. After each class the Guides send notes and when she has asked for the videotapes to watch again, she gets them promptly. It’s nice that recordings are made available so you can pause the video and check the notes she took.

Lee is enjoying the classes so much she’s sharing them with others.

“I tell everyone about GetSetUp. I helped my cousin get on and I think my sister’s taken even more classes than me.”

Join Lee in fun and welcoming classes. Learn how to use the technology already in your home or new tools. Or just kick back and enjoy a fun social hour on a topic of your interest.

With more than 170+ classes there is something for everyone, what are you waiting for?

May 17, 2022
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