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Join Professor Cassandra to learn more about brain health including information on diseases like dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and mental health to assure that everyone understands where these overlap with physical health and how they are intertwined.

Professor Cassandra Szoeke has become a well-known name in the area of aging brain health for her significant expertise in teaching and health. She has worked in the Commonwealth Science Organisation, Public Hospital system, and for the Department of Health. She has held teaching roles in several academic institutions and specialist colleges. In addition to that, she is a Consultant Neurologist, the Director of the Healthy Ageing Program in the Centre for Medical Research, and a council member for the Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association.

She has participated in advisory boards for the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Health in addition to numerous roles leading brain health initiatives for various institutions. She is a practicing internal medicine physician subspecialised in neurology. In addition to her medical qualifications, she completed her PhD thesis in Epidemiology examining women's healthy ageing; while her postdoctoral studies included time at both Stanford University and Duke University and focussed on Public Health, Personalised Medicine, and Policy with clinical training in cognition.

She has been in clinical research for over a decade and published hundreds of academic articles in addition to being a reviewer for national and international journals. She is an award-winning clinical researcher who is currently the Director of the Healthy Ageing Program at the University of Melbourne, the Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Healthy Ageing Organisation, ┬áand the author of the book Secrets of WomenÔÇÖs Healthy Ageing.

May 18, 2022

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