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From feeling anxious to use the computer to using it in her daily routine, Doris is keen to keep learning. “I want to be able to know all I can about the computer.”

A transplant from New Jersey, Doris Is now a resident of Houston, Texas. (She married a Texas Aggie!) Doris and her husband were blessed with three daughters and seven grandchildren.

Doris wore many hats. She first worked at the East Orange Veterans Hospital as a dietitian. Her next position was at Lincoln Junior High School in West Orange, New Jersey in the Home Economics Department.

After raising the girls she returned to work, this time as a Junior High School Science teacher in Texas.

Her last position was as a High School Counselor at Bellaire High School, all this while being a volunteer for the PTA and Houston Baptist College Wellness Center and Hadassah.

Sadly her husband passed away a year ago. Luckily they had already moved into a great Senior

Independent Living Residence which has been in lockdown which, as everyone knows, is not much fun.

“It’s a bit tedious, but we are doing fine.”

She said the center tries to keep the activities happening as best as possible, so she’s always busy. However, she misses when they could swim three to four times a week. Plus, regular classes were taught by guest speakers around art, operas, and other fun activities. Since the lockdown, some of these offerings could move online but not all.

Tackling the computer

With some time on her hands, Doris took up the challenge to really tackle learning her computer and the technology on it. While searching around and playing with her computer, she found something about GetSetUp.

“I’m trying very hard to learn more about the computer, Zoom, and Google Calendar. It might take some more time but everything I want to know - I am determined to learn.”

And learn she did! She learned how to use Zoom which allowed her to attend other GetSetUp classes, go to parties, seminars, and events over Zoom.

“I was doing so many things on the computer I didn’t know how to keep them on a calendar, so now I took the Google Calendar class and am learning how to list events there. I’m getting used to making it mine, it takes a little while but I am getting there!”

While she may have initially missed a few classes and events because she didn’t know how to keep track of them in Google Calendar; now this tool is helping her to organize her busy social calendar with ease!

May 23, 2022
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