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Research shows that expressing gratitude helps improve mental health and well-being. Gratitude has long been associated with greater happiness, positive emotions, good experiences, improved health, and strong relationships.

Despite the difficult year that 2020 has been for most people, there are still a number of things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Whether you are lucky enough to celebrate the holiday in a traditional fashion with those you love or are celebrating in a new way this year, it is a good day to take some time to reflect on this year and the things you are thankful for - be these things small or large.

Why take the time for gratitude today?

Does it sound a bit cheesy to be grateful today? Perhaps it sounds a bit too hard this year. All valid opinions, but perhaps this will sway your idea.

Research shows that expressing gratitude helps improve mental health and well-being. Gratitude has long been associated with greater happiness, positive emotions, good experiences, improved health, and strong relationships. Sometimes when we are feeling the least grateful is actually when we need to start considering gratitude the most as it can help make a grey day a bit more colorful.

115 Things to Be Thankful For in 2020

Each of us has a lot of things to be thankful for in 2020, though naturally, that is different for each of us. This is an ideas list that may help you to get your juices flowing of the things you are grateful for this year. Try to create your own list so you can see the bounty that has been sent your way even in a difficult year.

(If these ideas do not apply to your personal situation, feel free to skip ahead to the next one that does!)1. A community that is there for you. (Need a community? Join GetSetUp’s virtual community for life long learners. We love to have new learners join and share!)

2. A partner or spouse who is there for you.

3. Friends and family

4. The children in your life

5. Access to clean, drinkable water

6. Food to eat and not being hungry

7. A roof over your head

8. Access to the medication you need to stay healthy.

9. Fresh fruits and vegetables

10. Random acts of kindness

11. Mistakes that helped you grow as a person

12. Modern conveniences like electricity, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, etc.

13. A good book

13. A decrease in pollution and carbon emissions this year

14. Feeling accepted

15. A work of art that moves you

16. A nice hot shower or bath

17. Diversity

18. The ability to work from home in your pajamas

19. A beautiful sunrise

20. A song you love

21. Playing a board game or online game with friends or family

22. Catching up with an old friend

23. A routine you enjoy

24. The smell of freshly baked cookies

25. Making a gift for someone with your own two hands.

26. Surprises

27. Inspirational Ted Talks

28. A hot cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate

29. A clean home after a day of cleaning and decluttering

30. Sincere appreciation from others

31. A movie that makes you laugh

32. Listening to your favorite band

33. Free apps for games, organization, and to stay in touch with friends

34. An ice-cold drink on a hot day

35. New clothes

36. A really comfortable chair or sofa

37. Snow days

38. Respect from others

39. Paydays

40. Dancing for pure joy

41. Someone enjoying your writing/art/creativity

42. Thank you notes

43. A favorite memory that you cherish

44. A great view

45. The sense of accomplishment when you complete a difficult task

46. Being pushed to “think outside the box”

47. Teachers who spent the extra time to give you the knowledge you have today

48. A morning walk

49. Warm fuzzy socks

50. Dog or cat snuggles

51. Spending time on a hobby you love

52. Your favorite TV show

53. Hugs

54. The fresh smell of clean sheets

55. A gorgeous sunset

56. A child’s honesty

57. Happy people who inspire happiness by their presence

58. Enjoying a movie marathon

59. Internal strength

60. Learning from or about a foreign culture

61. Trying new things

62. Old photographs

63. Technology – that allows us to stay connected with friends and family

64. Positivity — even when things are difficult

65. Getting a good night's sleep

66. Spring flowers

67. Home-cooked meals

68. The weekend

69. Happy memories from your childhood

70. An unseasonably warm winter day

71. Long drives

72. Real honesty

73. Meditation

74. Being forgiven for mistakes

75. Finding unexpected money in your pockets

76. The snooze button

77. Acting like a kid again

78. Sharing a smile with a stranger

79. Overcoming your fears

80. Leaves changing colors in the Fall

81. Clean air

82. Dreamers who never give up

83. The sounds and smell of the ocean

84. Good hair days

85. Uncontrollable laughter

86. The smell of rain right before and after a thunderstorm

87. Driving and getting nothing but green lights

88. Doing something spontaneous

89. Cheering for your favorite team

90. Wearing something that makes you feel confident

91. Getting positive feedback from others

92. Poetry

93. Doing work or volunteer work that matters

94. Taking a nap

95. Discussing old-times with an old friend

96. The convenience of online shopping

97. Feeling hope

98. Feeling inspired

99. Forgiving others

100. The perfect playlist

101. Peace of mind

102. The successes and accomplishments that you've achieved in your life

103. Money in the bank

104. Good health

105. Time to focus on you

106. Hearing good news

107. Hiking when you can get out into nature

108. A sincere apology from someone who hurt you deeply

109. Honest conversations full of deep questions and getting to know someone better

110. Walking on the beach

111. Quiet time

112. Journaling

113. Farmer's markets and local craft fairs

114. The billions of stars on a clear night sky

Those are just a couple ideas to get you started, we know there is so much more out there to be grateful for!

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May 23, 2022

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