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“With GetSetUp you learn useful things and something you can walk away and do.” Kathy took one of the skills she learned in a class and used it to help a friend sell a ticket on eBay."

Kathy finishing race.

Kathy is a retired English as a Second Language Teacher and Trainer. She’s had the chance to teach in China and Vietnam. Her experience has given her real appreciation for people’s differences. Kathy keeps herself busy with a lot of different classes.

“I’m a professional at whatever is free and inexpensive. So I take a lot of online classes from a lot of different places.”

She first stumbled on GetSetup through Facebook. Despite taking lots of free classes on different sites like Coursera, she thinks GetSetUp is different.

“I think the biggest difference is that the class is full of seniors. They are seniors who want to learn. They are more interested in learning a skill as opposed to taking a full course, so it is quite different in the people and content. With GetSetUp you learn useful things and something you can walk away and do.”

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on Kathy.  She hasn’t been able to see many people including her cancer support group. That makes it important to keep active and involved with people as much as possible. One of the few fun activities getting her out and about is her walking group.

“I belong to a group that does folk marches. They started in Germany. They walk 5k or 10k walks together in a group.”

These tend to be local groups that do fun walks. One of the spots Kathy would like to plan a group walk is near the blossoms of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC.) She remembers visiting there before in one of her many athletic adventures.

She once biked from Akron, Ohio up to Lake Erie. And she did her first, and only triathlon at age 75!

“I am happy to have done it but I wouldn’t do it again.”

When she’s not staying active she’s been really enjoying learning new things like how to protect her passwords, advanced iPhone tools, and her favorite class so far has been playing brain games.

Gathering A Community Of Life-Long Learners

Kathy has been sharing about GetSetUp classes with her friends. Her friends recognize her knowledge and Kathy has been able to use the skills she learned at GetSetUp to help a friend. In the advanced iPhone class, Kathy learned about an app that lets you scan an image in excellent quality. So she could help a friend sell a ticket on eBay.

“I am helping to sell a ticket to a fight in 1935 on eBay now. I’m using what I learned in one of the recent classes about an Adobe Scan App that can help you scan a photograph.”

Kathy’s friend hopes to sell the ticket for about $21 dollars which is the current price for similar tickets. Thanks to Kathy’s help she was able to get a great scanned image of the ticket to post on eBay.

Sign up for the iPhone-Advanced Class

Kathy and the GetSetUp community are full of passionate learners. This year for the holidays, her kids got her a new Alexa so she’s looking to take an Alexa course next to learn a bit more about how to use her latest new tech toy.

One of the things Kathy appreciates about GetSetUp is their learning through doing approach.

“I like the fact that they are hands-on and the structure such that you can interrupt and ask questions makes them different from other courses I have taken. I also like the fact they send you notes after.”

Bite-Sized Classes Of Just One Hour

The fact that classes are short, just 1 hour long, means that they easily fit into free time in someone’s schedule. Learners can also jump into classes last minute with the Get In feature.

“I have really enjoyed being able to take classes. It’s the perfect arrangement. They are free and just an hour long.”

Kathy is considering exploring getting to know more people through some of the social hours. She finds the social aspect an added advantage to the classes, especially during the pandemic.

As a well-traveled and passionate traveler, sitting at home has been a bit confining. She’s considering taking some of her fellow learners on a virtual trip. She may host an Ambassador led Interest Group around some of the places she has traveled to like Iceland, or her time living in China and Vietnam.

Consider joining Kathy on your next virtual adventure and join a GetSetUp class!

Jun 17, 2022

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