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Celebrate Diwali with the GetSetUp community in exciting classes focused on light, get-togethers, and gratitude!

Bring some light into your life with Diwali. Diwali is the season of dazzling firecrackers, delicious treats, and get-togethers. Enjoy this festive season with our celebratory classes that will help you get in the mood for a lively party. 

Let's welcome the festival with a warm embrace, by preparing some savory snacks, and making beautiful rangolis.

Celebrate Diwali with the GetSetUp community in exciting classes.

This Diwali, get creative…

Diwali is a season where you can let your creativity flourish. Use it to decorate your home, design beautiful Torans, or make Rangolis. Roll up your sleeves and bring out your inner artist to make great gifts for your loved ones! 

Diwali Special: Make Floating Rangoli 

Come and learn how to create beautiful floating Rangolis and jazz up your home with unique designs and vibrant colors.

Diwali Gifting: Make Toran/Bandhanwar

Come create beautiful Toran or Bandhanwar to decorate your home or give a loved one as a pre-Diwali gift.

Decorate your Diwali Puja Thali

Love decorating Puja thalis? Give your Puja thalis a unique touch and make them look more elegant by embellishing them with beads, lace, colors, mirrors, or glitter. 

Tantalize your taste buds

Diwali is not just the festival of lights but also a festival of flavours. From tempting dishes to indulgent delicacies - Diwali snacks are something which nobody can turn down. 

Diwali Special: Make Edible Diyas with Radha Dinger.

Relish the taste of mouth melting edible diyas to surprise your loved ones with as a gift or snack as Guest speaker Radha Dinger shares her recipes. 

Do you love cookies? 

Diwali Cookies: Make Cookies With Mercy Valson

Cookies can instantly uplift your mood. If you love cookies, this session is for you to learn how to make yummy cookies. Try making them with your friends and family or serving them to your guests.  

Diwali is a festival celebrated throughout India and the world. While people in different regions enjoy this festival differently some elements remain the same -  it brings people together to express their love and gratitude for each other. 

This Diwali join the GetSetUp community dressed in all your festive grandeur, and share with us how you celebrate this festival with friends and family as we celebrate together!

May 18, 2022

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