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Tara Bisogna, Author of Cooking with Love, from Italy, is returning to make struffoli, a holiday sweet, and talk about The Feast of Seven Fishes, an Italian Christmas Eve tradition.

Tara Bisogna, the author of Cooking with Love, from Italy, grew up in an Italian-American family in the heart of the Deep South, where she learned to love and appreciate food and its preparation at an early age. She spent countless hours learning how to make pasta and bread from scratch with her grandparents. They infused their dishes with fresh vegetables and herbs from their garden. As a result, every recipe reminds her of her heritage: her uncle’s pizza and pasta recipes to sweets made with her mother and the love of cooking over an open fire pit from her father.

Tara returns to GetSetUp to share her family's holiday traditions including how to make struffoli, a Neapolitan dish made of deep-fried balls of sweet dough, and the Feast of Seven Fishes, an Italian Christmas Eve meal.

Guide Deb will host the session and says “Anyone who's been invited into Tara's kitchen or paged through her cookbook knows that the title perfectly captures what she's about. She creates a warmth in her kitchen that draws us in as she carefully prepares recipes, and tells of the stories and family memories that surround each one.”


Join Guide Deb Tuesday, December 21 and guest host Tara to discover an old tradition that you may want to make your own in Italian Holiday Traditions and Food with Tara Bisogna.

Jun 14, 2022
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