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Insights from over 200 hours of live online training to educators during COVID-19 learn their questions, and how to get yours answered.

For many educators, teaching remotely was unfamiliar territory especially adapting a large number of ed-tech tools to their context and class. Yes, any teacher can watch a Youtube video and learn how to use Google Classroom, but how do they use it effectively to teach the second grade? Do you know how to use Zoom to record classes and then share them securely with a class?

There are a lot of questions out there about how to effectively teach online and while school districts have tried their best to address emergency response needs, it was not enough. Teachers needed additional support as they juggled learning, teaching, and taking care of their families.

GetSetUp was uniquely positioned to help there. We were already providing remote live training on online tools and apps geared towards the 50+ demographic. When the pandemic crisis hit, we had a solid core team of retired educator ‘Guides’ to help onboard customers on complex tools like CRMs, Slack, Google Docs, and Zoom. So when we offered the opportunity to our Guides to help current educators, the response was overwhelming.

Through a partnership between GetSetUp and The Learning Accelerator, we established an educator-to-educator live training program where teachers could join one of our 10 interactive sessions running daily on the tools necessary to plan, connect, and provide instruction to support students with online learning.

Below were some of the questions and use cases we gathered from the 1–1 and group classes.

Google Classroom
  • “How to provide ongoing feedback for students during asynchronous class assignments.”
  • “I would like to learn how to make the lessons more appealing to the students. I would like to learn to add appropriate videos for them to view and then have the students utilize what they have learned.”
  • “New features / making interactive”
  • “Setting up Google classroom.”
Use Zoom to connect with students
  • “How to set up a Zoom classroom and lock it for my students’ safety.”
  • “How to use Zoom to pre-record classes and share on Google Classroom”
  • “How to support teachers and coaches online.”
  • “How to increase student participation by using Zoom office hours; best practices for using Zoom for education; ideas for using Zoom for education”
  • “How to use Zoom to participate in group sessions. I have been invited to participate in 4 zoom chat sessions and have no idea how it works.”
  • “How to start and manage a ZOOM presentation.”
YouTube: Record and post video online
  • “I want to learn to be efficient in recording and uploading videos. Right now I am recording videos in Zoom, editing in QuickTime, and uploading .mov files to YouTube. Is there a better way? I have to use Zoom for meeting videos.”
  • “Different types of public, private videos”
  • “How to teach a lesson using YouTube and posting for others to see.”
  • “How to embed a YouTube video into a presentation”
Share your ideas using “Screencasting”
  • “How to use screencasting for making videos for Youtube and Google docs.”
  • “How to use it to develop online presentations.”
  • “How to share information about teaching virtually by sharing my screen.”
  • “How to add voice-overs and possibly short videos to slides or other pages associated with Google Classrooms.”
Google for Education: Docs and Slides
  • “Working with slides. Difference between slides and PowerPoint.”
  • “How to create/manage a shared google doc and or slides with small groups of students during a zoom call.”
How to use Google Hangouts Meet
  • “Never used it. Just want to know more about what it’s about…”
  • “How to communicate with a student and show information.”
  • “How to live stream a meeting to Youtube”
  • “How to effectively set up Google Hangout Hours to meet with students and parents.”

Do you have any of these questions yourself? Or would you like to learn more about how to use these skills to help support your students?

Why not attend one of our classes:

These classes are still available to teachers who may be struggling or just want to learn some new tricks within the programs they are already familiar with.

Do you have a great tool you want to learn more about to help facilitate teaching? Ask GetSetup to help you. Need more help? Looking for support for a tool that’s not listed? Send feedback in this form! Request a Tool

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May 17, 2022

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