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Learn how to have vital conversations with your grandkids about controversial topics with Guest Speaker Elliott speaking about race. Plus hear Matt George talk about making impact with a new non-profit strategy. Learn how you can change the world one step at a time.

As we look to make the world a better place it's vital to have conversations between generations about how to do that. To start off, next week we are featuring a special class for grandparents and grandchildren on how to do just that.

Discuss race with your grandchildren

There is no way to avoid the issue of race. As the US and many countries around the world work to provide equity for all people it is important to have conversations with children. This is the time to answer their questions and stop prejudice before it is formed.

Guest Speaker Elliott Robinson is a Program Specialist at Nashville Public Library in Nashville, Tennessee. He runs programs for all ages in the Library’s Civil Rights Room, sharing the stories of Nashville’s significant impact on the modern Civil Rights Movement. While the Library was shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Elliott launched Triumph Tales. This is a series of story times that deal with people overcoming obstacles. These stories come from experiences in American history about living in a truly inclusive society. The stories are shared on the Nashville Public Library Special Collections Center Facebook page. Each tale is accompanied by a set of resource/discussion questions and related resources for younger readers.

Join Elliot on Friday, July 30 on GetSetUp for this special intergenerational event for grandparents, foster grandparents, and children. Invite the children and grandchildren in your life to participate! The event will include a reading of the book by Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli called, Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race, a guided discussion about race with your grandchildren, and more resources to continue these types of conversations post-event.

Guest Speaker: A grandparent/grandchild book reading and discussion on race

Book cover for Our Skin a First Conversation About Race

NOTE: This event is welcome to all grandparents, foster grandparents, and children. The event is suitable for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school-aged children.

Use a new non-profit game plan to impact daily lives

Guest Speaker Matt George

Join Guest Speaker Matt George Tuesday, July 27 to understand how to help your community to change and save lives through effective nonprofit management. Matt believes that all agencies and nonprofits need to work together to improve our community.

Matt, based in Peoria, IL, is an author, speaker, and the President/CEO of the Children’s Home Association of Illinois.

“If we continue as a sector to take a selfish siloed approach, the people of our community will be the ones who suffer more.”

In addition to his work at Children’s Home, Matt helps raise funds for local nonprofits. He also advises and works with 501c3 agencies all over the country.

Douglas R. Oberhelman, former CEO and Executive Chairman of Caterpillar Inc. worked with Matt and said,

"Matt exemplifies leadership in his community and making it a much better place. He’s involved, committed, and is recognized for his many contributions. His ability to lead a large, complex organization is well documented and many look up to him as a result.”

George demystifies nonprofit management while inspiring a new generation to take up the mantle of social service. What emerges is a strong case that nonprofits ought to run like businesses, not charities. Though it may ruffle some feathers, Matt George's message is a wake-up call that is sure to radicalize the nonprofit world.

Come learn how Matt’s plan to revolutionize non-profit organizations might help an organization you are a part of or thinking to start.

Guest Speaker: How to Change Lives and Save Lives Daily - Non-Profit Game Plan with Matt George

May 23, 2022

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