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Facebook business page vs. Facebook groups

Facebook's algorithm values family and friends' content over business advertising. A business account's promotional content is less likely to show up in a user's feed than a post from a friend. This creates a massive problem for businesses that rely on Facebook to drive traffic to their website. Luckily, there is a simple way for businesses to utilize the Facebook algorithm: Facebook groups. Groups turn businesses from entities to friends and trusted advisors. They are a place of ideas, engagement, and, most importantly, leads! 

Benefits of Facebook groups

First and foremost, Facebook groups are free. Time is required to create and maintain a flourishing Facebook group. However, an incredible aspect of groups is that they create content themselves. Great Facebook groups consist of primarily user-generated content. All businesses have to post a few times a week, answer questions, and cheer on their group members.

Businesses covet Facebook group's ability to access consumers directly. Not only can companies answer questions to improve customer relations, but they can ask questions and gather data. Data is one of the most valuable resources right now. Facebook groups are relatively safe for consumers to give trusted advisors (aka businesses) their feedback and expect great products in return. On top of data and affordability, groups are a direct path to sales! Generating sales through Facebook groups will be covered later in this article. For now, know that Facebook groups offer various options to build long-term relationships with customers and navigate new customers to their first purchase. 

New customers are one of the critical points of groups. Groups tend to grow organically because long-time members often bring new members into the fold. This positive word of mouth is gold for businesses because research shows 92% of Americans trust recommendations from friends and family over that of other marketing tactics. Facebook groups are full of like-minded people who often are or become friends. What better way to organically grow your business than with friends preaching your products?

How to create a Facebook group

How to grow a Facebook group

Every interaction on a business's Facebook group should add value. Providing helpful information to users is one of the best ways to grow a Facebook group organically. For example, if a dog boarding business called Furry Friends started a Facebook group, they could post anything from the best dog toys to grooming videos to techniques to potty train puppies! These posts contain valuable and engaging information. Next time users go on vacation, Furry Friends will be at the top of their minds when deciding where to board their pets. Using testimonials of products are great ways to add value while simultaneously promoting products.

Be consistent. Facebook groups are often full of content, so post often to stay in people's minds. If posts are valuable and consistent, users will value the business. In addition to posting, great Facebook group admins ask questions. They genuinely care about the users and want them to have the best experience possible. This can include conducting polls, commenting on posts, sharing other users' posts, and sharing product updates with questions about new products or features. Questions build relationships, and relationships are essential to long-term sales success.

How to make sales through Facebook Groups

As discussed above, more people are likely to buy products when recommended by a friend. Facebook groups make businesses the consumers' friends. It is all about the first step: trust. From there, members of the group click on the business page profile and explore with interest. A great example of this strategy is the InstantPot Community Facebook group. This community is visible to everyone, although you must request to join. This method keeps spam out while allowing people outside and inside the group to see how much the community loves using Instapots!

Another way to generate sales via Facebook groups is by requiring an email to join. Asking to use a user's email to provide them with more valuable information in an e-newsletter is an easy way to move leads down the sales funnel. Groups also make it easy to find brand ambassadors. These individuals increase sales by speaking positively about a brand in exchange for products. Finding a brand ambassador can be challenging, but start with finding people who already love the brand's products and start a conversation. Stay tuned for more information about brand ambassadors! 

Private Facebook groups are an easy way to offer exclusive deals to leads. Use Canva to promote brand offers and give people steps to follow to take advantage of it! (Learn how to use Canva) People love a good deal, especially when their friends recommend it. Exclusive deals from a friend and trusted advisor take down most consumers' obstacles to purchasing. 

Facebook groups are informative and fun atmospheres to connect with like-minded people. Providing consumers a place to connect over your products and ideas will give businesses the boosts they need to make more sales and gain more customers.

May 14, 2022
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