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ith the advance of technology, we have more and better devices to rely on. However, this means that there is also a higher chance that our devices will lose battery life faster than before.

We can extend the life of our devices by following these simple tips:

Keep your device cool.

A hot device is a battery killer. Keep your device out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, like your car's dashboard or the back of a computer monitor. It's also best to keep it away from your body, especially in the summertime when we're all trying to find ways to cool off!

If you have an older device that doesn't have any sort of battery-saving features built in, consider buying an external case with a built-in battery pack. This will allow you to swap out batteries if one dies while still having access to all of the ports on your phone (including charging).

Clean the charging port and headphone jack.

Cleaning the charging port is a simple and effective way to increase battery life. The more debris that accumulates in your phone’s charging port, the harder it will be for the phone to charge. If you notice your device doesn’t charge as quickly or at all, it may be time to take out your toothpick (or compressed air if you have that on hand) and give these areas a good scrubbing:

  • Headphone Jack: Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, clean out any gunk from around the headphone jack. You can also use Q-tips for this job if you don’t have any cotton swabs on hand. It may take multiple attempts before all of the dirt comes off—just keep going until no more residue appears when you shine light into your charging port or headphone jack!
  • Charging Port: Use a toothpick (or compressed air) to dislodge any larger pieces of debris stuck inside your device's charging ports by gently scraping them away with its pointy end (you might also want to do this while holding down Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously). Then soak up excess moisture with dry paper towels before attempting another round of reinsertion (if necessary).

Use low power mode (iOS).

Low Power Mode is a feature that will automatically turn on when your device’s battery reaches 20% and turn off when it reaches 80%. To enable Low Power Mode:

  • Go to Settings > Battery.
  • Toggle Low Power Mode to On.

Manually turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS if you're not using them.

You should also turn off the GPS and Wi-Fi when you're not using them. These are always on, so your device will waste a lot of battery trying to find satellites or connect to networks. Turning them off manually saves battery life compared to having them turned off automatically by the system.

Unplug electronics when they are fully charged or when they don't need to be plugged in.

One of the most common reasons for a battery to die quickly is leaving it plugged in all the time, whether it's fully charged or not. In fact, some devices have an internal timer that will automatically shut down if they aren't in use after a certain amount of time (typically 15 minutes), but this can be overridden by simply plugging your device back into the outlet again. The same principle applies with leaving your laptop plugged in while you're working: just unplug it when you're done so that you don't drain the battery unnecessarily.

It's also important to note that this applies even if your device has been turned off—because even though there isn't any power flowing through its circuits, there are still small amounts of energy being drained from its battery because as long as it's connected to an outlet, it'll keep charging itself until there's nothing left at all!

Don't leave your devices on all day (or night).

Leaving your computer/phone on while not using it is one of the easiest ways to throw off its internal clock and cause damage—which means more frequent reboots which takes up space in your flash drive and slows down performance overall!

Your devices will last longer if you take care of them well.

Even if they’re brand new, your devices will last longer if you take care of them well. And this is not just about buying the latest and greatest product—it’s also about taking care of what you already have.

Aug 24, 2022

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