Key Takeaways:

Learn the simple steps to selling things online so you can downsize easily and make some money doing it!

We all have a “stuff” problem. Over time we accumulate more and more stuff. At one point we thought we needed all of it. As we get older and wiser we realize that life is actually easier with less stuff. But how do you get rid of your stuff? 

If we’re honest, all of our stuff falls into one of four categories:

  1. Stuff to throw away (trash)
  2. Stuff to donate (give away)
  3. Stuff to sell (make some extra money)
  4. Stuff that is essential (keep)

Online sales continue to boom. Why not sell your unwanted stuff online? But, what are the easiest, safety, free, most effective ways to sell your stuff online? The two best platforms to use to sell your stuff online are Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp Both of these platforms require you to set up a free account. Both of these options allow you to know who you are buying or selling to and communication is done within the respective applications available on both your browser and smartphone. Although there are many other online platforms that you can list and sell your stuff, these are completely free. No listing fees and no sharing of the sales with the platform. You can list as many items you want for free and you keep 100% of the money you make selling your items.

Basic online selling safely tips:

  • Both Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp allow you to view the buyer’s profile in their app since they also must have an account to buy on these two platforms.
  • Be careful sharing personal information. All communication with interested, prospective buyers can be done inside the Facebook Marketplace Messenger tool or the OfferUp instant messaging tool. No need to share you phone or email.
  • Only accept cash or money from trusted payment apps like Venmo, CashApp, Zelle or PayPal. Never accept a check, unless it’s a cashier’s check. Don’t accept gift cards.
  • Meet at a safe, well-lit, public place to exchange items for payment. Clubhouses, grocery store parking lots, gas stations, police stations, and fire stations are all safe places to meet up.
  • Never let buyers in your home. If you have them meet at your home, meet outside, on the porch, on the driveway or in an open garage. Again, have another person with you for added security. 
  • If something or someone ever seems odd, concerning, or not right, pass and wait for another more trusted buyer to come along.
May 23, 2022