Key Takeaways:

Chef Yosmar Martinez believes the key to creating delicious dishes is to use simple, quality ingredients. Join her on GetSetUp on December 9th and 16th for Holiday Foods from Spain.

Yosmar Martinez is a cookbook author and culinary instructor who believes everyone has the gift to create a memorable meal. All that is needed is a bit of guidance, good ingredients, and an openness to new culinary experiences. 

Since a young age, she’s been fascinated with cooking and loves seeing how simple ingredients can make something great. And, while she’s traveled to 50 countries, she’s especially fond of Spanish cuisine. Her travels in Spain along the Camino de Santiago inspired her latest cookbook, Tastes of the Camino

"Spanish food has gotten a lot of attention recently for being innovative. But, Spanish food can also be surprisingly simple because it focuses on quality ingredients. There are down-to-earth dishes that are true farm-to-table, no-fuss food.”

One example of a stunning yet deceptively easy dish is the Tarta de Santiago. Also known as the St. James Almond Cake, it’s the first dish that got her interested in Spanish cuisine. It’s one of the recipes she’ll highlight in her upcoming appearances! It’s the perfect introduction to folks who are new to Spanish cooking. It’s easy to make and not intimidating. 

Jun 14, 2022
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