Key Takeaways:

Hannah loves to taste different kinds of cuisines and share her ideas with like-minded foodies.

Hannah, culinary enthusiast and avid lifelong learner.

“I’ve lived in the Middle East, Dubai, and India. In every place I put down roots, I cherished the culture, interests, festivals, heritage, and food of each region. I love to taste different kinds of cuisines, and share my ideas with like minded foodies. Even though I was a teacher for many years, my interests were always in the culinary field. Flavors, textures, creatively arranging food on a plate, I just love it all. 

Throughout my life I attended cooking workshops and competitions. Being around other cooks, professional chefs, celebrity chefs, and learning from them was a great achievement. But it paled in comparison to winning a competition and having the opportunity to attend one of the top culinary institutes in Madrid. It was an amazing experience where I learned from celebrity chefs Jenny Morris, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Gordon Ramsay

With these knowledge and skills, I occasionally host cooking classes for GetSetUp. Last month I hosted a dessert session where we made pudding with black roasted chickpeas. The chickpeas needed to be ground down, but they are perfect for a dessert after adding a bit of jaggery and ghee [clarified butter]. It’s a low calorie dessert. I enjoy making pudding because it is not just a sweet dish. Add a hint of salt or spice, and almost your entire palette is buzzing with different kinds of flavors. You can taste the sweet on the tip of your tongue and the salt at the back of your mouth. Another one of my favorite things to make is orange zesty cakes and crisp salads. I’m always thinking about creative ideas that will bring my dish to the next level.

Apart from cooking, my spare time is spent on GetSetUp. I joined the platform six months ago. Since then I’ve taken almost 2,000 classes of all kinds. My day begins with a class at 5:30 am, followed by a few more fitness classes until 9 am. I learn something new almost every day during class, and it keeps me going. We all learn from each other and benefit from each other. It’s a great community platform. Sharing and learning keeps me happy and motivated.”

Jun 2, 2022
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