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Qing enjoys teaching Qigong classes with GetSetUp. She has made friends around the globe.

Several years ago, Qing, a 54-year-old retiree living in Beijing, saw an older gentleman in a park practicing Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements. Intrigued, she started a conversation with him and soon began taking lessons. She soon expanded Qigong, another meditative practice that cultivates and balances "life energy".She became a dedicated practitioner, eventually joining the Beijing Xi-cheng District Qigong Team. She enjoys performing in competitions with her team and making new friends.

Finding a new platform

In June 2021, GetSetUp launched a Mandarin program and started looking for Mandarin-speaking Ambassadors to share their knowledge with Learners worldwide. When Qing heard about the platform from the Mandarin program manager, she took some classes and eventually decided to host her own class in Qigong. She likes the idea of older adults teaching other older adults. 

"I've learned a lot from GetSetUp. Besides my class, I also attend other Mandarin classes. For example, Flora's gardening classes. Yesterday, she talked about herbs. I asked her questions, and she answered very patiently. I'm amazed at the expertise of the GetSetUp Guides." 

Meeting new people

Qing meeting new friends virtually.

Although her sessions are mainly taught in Mandarin, she knows some English learners might come into the class. So, she researched how to say all the movements in English. 

Her first session was successful, with more than 15 learners attending from the United States, Canada, Australia, and China. As she hosts more sessions, she's also had learners from Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. 

"I've met many new friends. I don't have much contact with people from other countries in my everyday life, but with GetSetUp I can meet people from around the world. Everyone is very friendly and gives us a lot of support and encouragement."

Encouraging others 

Because many of her students are new to Qigong and may find it unfamiliar, she urges them not to get discouraged.

"When I first learned Qigong, I didn't quite understand it. I felt like I was doing school exercises, and I felt that these movements were nothing. But after half a year of practicing, I felt less stiffness in my joints."   

She also knows that some older adults may have problems with their posture and confidence when trying new exercises. But, she knows from personal experience that diligence pays off. 

"After learning Qigong, there is a feeling of standing upright from heaven to earth. You gain more confidence in daily activities and in interacting with people. We are like a team, everyone encourages each other, and we can all keep it as a habit."

Qing has also encouraged two of her friends, Sophia and Yanzi to join as well.  

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May 18, 2022
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