Key Takeaways:

Learn Dr. Meyerhof's story of co-founding Children Of Earth and how to discern what's important to you and what you have to offer.

Nina Meyerhof.

Nina has spent her life advocating for children and continues to focus on altering world views for creating a better future. She believes it's important for people of all ages to connect with what is meaningful to them. She has Master of Arts degrees in special education and counseling and holds a doctorate in educational policy, research, and administration from the University of Massachusetts. It was there she developed a self-esteem model to be used in schools. A co-author of Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom, she is recognized as an innovative educator committed to global responsibility through authentic learning. 

Advancing peace 

In 1990, she founded Children of Earth, which offers young people the skills to advance peace in the world. They foster international networks of cooperation, multicultural understanding, spiritual values, and ethical living skills.

Children of the Earth inspires and unites young people through personal and social transformation to create a peaceful and sustainable world. They do this by:

  • Nurturing the individual‚Äôs authentic expression
  • Holding workshops for finding meaning and connecting with inner purpose
  • Inspiring individual acts of kindness and social action projects
  • Facilitating processes that transcend cultural, racial, religious, and generational divides
  • Fostering the development of conscious local and global communities¬†

Learn your purpose

In this session, you will learn to discern what’s important to you and what you have to offer. Nina helps people understand that every human counts, and we must stand up for what we believe. As she says, 

“I have a passion for seeing a better world; that's the purpose of my life. I know what is important, and I want to stand for that and reflect back that I lived a life of meaning and left the planet a little better."

Join Guest Speaker Dr. Nina Meyerhof on Monday, March 21, for How To Get in Touch with What Touches You.

May 18, 2022
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