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Learn tea etiquette with the master of manners, Monica Lewis. She will go over the health benefits of tea and the proper way to host your next tea event. ,

 Ever since Monica Lewis was a young girl she has been minding her ps and qs. Her parents were sticklers for good manners. They raised 8 children in a three-bedroom house where manners and respect ruled.

“My parents were big in church and very strict. We didn’t have the etiquette on which fork to use, but they were big on manners and respect. They had zero tolerance for any disrespect. It was always: 'Yes ma'am,  no ma'am and pleases and thank yous.' If not, you were sure to get in trouble.”

Monica thought everyone was taught manners but she learned from her fellow classmates that was not the case in every home.

“I felt like I was an outsider, clearly we were taught differently. So I became like a miniature mom telling other kids what not do or standing up for the kid getting bullied. I didn’t get why people were bullying others when we all came from the same background.” 

Monica’s good manners took her far. She went to business school and worked as an auditor at AIG for more than 15 years. One night while watching reality TV and eating Papa John's with her husband she was inspired.

“My ‘Aha’  moment just came. I had been at the same job for 15 years. I felt I should be doing something different but until that moment I’d never gotten an answer on what that should be. I was meant to open an accessible Charm school.”

She set in motion the launch of her business in 2009 The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette was created. 

“With three young boys all the same age at the time, many people thought it was a risk when I left my investment job. I knew it wasn’t a risk. It was my destiny. I knew this was IT and I haven’t turned back since.”

As a certified etiquette consultant Monica teaches etiquette and protocols to a variety of organizations and community members. Her courses are adapted to the needs of Fortune 500 companies, local media, schools, and other organizations. She is an avid believer that social presentation and behaviors are essential to be successful in today’s society.

May 17, 2022

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