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Together we will work tirelessly to assure that there are classes with supportive community members in them to help people deal with this difficult situation. Our community supports our Indian learners, Guides, and team members in solidarity.

We all hoped that as 2020 rolled into 2021 we would get to leave the difficult experience of the pandemic behind us. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone often pushing us past our limits and testing limits we didn’t even know we had. GetSetUp arrived in India right in the middle of a pandemic. It helped by responding to the needs of older adults during this time who were now stuck at home or had limited options for learning, entertainment, and social activities compared to normal.

Our GetSetUp community has worked tirelessly to address the stress of older adults with positive learning opportunities to help them keep connected, stay healthy, and have opportunities to socialize with their peers safely. When GetSetUp launched in India the COVID-19 curve was trending downward, so positivity came easier, but now together our community must face this terrible and devastating COVID-19 surge.

The GetSetUp community will be here in solidarity with resources to help our community members.

Resources include:

  • Ongoing free class resources to Indian learners during this difficult time.
  • A safe virtual community with opportunities for socialization and engagement.
  • A dedicated Stay At Home series  with classes on health, wellness, technology, and staying positive.
  • Opportunities to engage globally. Starting this weekend India classes and all classes from around the globe will be on one platform, with learners having access to classes at any time from anywhere.

Stay positive with our stay at home series

GetSetUp is supporting our learning community the best way we know how, through positive and supportive learning opportunities. That’s why we joined together this series of classes that we feel are essential to helping our community cope with this difficult time.

Stay at home

While we spend time at home this May, Getsetup has collated a list of helpful resources across health, wellness. technology and many more.

With 36 different classes to meet your needs this series helps our community in 5 Key areas that are considered essential

Positive thinking

Many classes focus on positivity in a time where it is easy to let dark thoughts creep in. Here are just two such classes that may help you to find a smile in your day.

Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance

Develop an abundance mindset and mentality in your life. You can begin to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts towards abundance.

How to stay positive during the lockdown

Join in a discussion with your peers about how they are coping with the stresses of these unprecedented times, and what changes you can implement in your life to be more positive.

Mental health and wellness

It can be hard to stay mentally well with so much turmoil going on around. Just watching the news can cause anxiety and stress for some people during this time. Focus on trying to stay as healthy as possible mentally with classes like these.

Coping with Anxiety

Do you live with Anxiety? There are always ways to cope with Anxiety. Identify and learn some tips to manage your triggers.

Managing and Handling Stress

What happens when we continue “burning the candle at both ends” until we reach physical and emotional exhaustion? Just like the candle itself, we risk burning ourselves out. Learn the techniques to manage your Stress.

Physical health And wellness

Even though you may be inside it is still essential to maintain your physical health and wellness. Spend some time being active every day by joining in on a range of physical exercise classes.

Classical Yoga

Classical yoga is a system of practices described in Ancient Indian Hatha yogic text. It consists of Asanas, Pranayam, Mudras, Bandhas and Meditation. It helps in the Personality Development of participants.

Light Exercises for Seniors

Light Exercises increase the body's energy level, improve muscle strength, help to keep joints lubricated, and thus improve and prevent joint pain, prevent falls, and improve body balance.

Please bring: a chair without arms for balance.

Connection through tech

Technology is essential for communicating with those we love and helping us to stay safely at home by managing your bank account virtually, getting medicine delivered to our homes, communicating with those we love and so much more. See how technology can help you to stay safer at home and connected despitCd from your family and friends. Learn how to stay in touch with friends & family through video, chat, and more digital tools.

Pharmeasy - App to Buy Medicines

Still queuing up at the Pharmacy to buy prescription medicines OR calling your neighbourhood pharmacy to deliver prescription medicines? No need to do all this now! Join this session to learn how to use popular apps on your smartphone from the comfort of your home to order, pay and get delivery of medicines at your doorstep.

Socialize with others

Not every moment is a learning moment sometimes you just need to share. Join social hours to learn how others are healing and dealing with this difficult time.

Social Hour: Help India Heal

As part of this community outreach to combat Coronavirus Disease which is spreading in India, reach out to help poor and marginalized people to fight against COVID-19 and stand together in this fight by volunteering and donating to societies that are helping with essentials and medicines.

Social Hour: Chat over Coffee

Get your coffee, sit back and let's chat.

We will continue to provide support and resources for older adults to learn skills, to safely connect with loved ones and to help them stay positive in these difficult times.

Together we will work tirelessly to assure that there are classes with supportive community members in them to help people deal with this difficult situation. Our community supports our Indian learners, Guides, and team members in solidarity.

May 17, 2022

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