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Thanks to a passionate Learner community, dedicated partners, and entrepreneurial staff, GetSetUp is turning two and continuing to grow exponentially!

Thanks to a passionate Learner community, dedicated partners, and entrepreneurial staff, GetSetUp is turning two and continuing to grow exponentially! 

As we look back on how far we have come we know we couldn’t have gotten here without all the support of our community. Committed investors, staff, and volunteers have all contributed to creating a movement that truly focuses on a positive and empowering community to age in, from anywhere in the world. 

As we continue our mission to help those over-55 learn new skills, connect with others and unlock new life experiences, we are helping people globally to stay mentally and physically fit, creating economic opportunities through jobs and re-skilling, and offering communities where people find meaning and purpose by sharing their knowledge and passions and forming new connections. 

How far we have come

  • Over 100 partnerships including 7 statewide partnerships (MI/WA/NY/CA/WY/SD/VT) + 57 healthcare partners who recognize GetSetUp as a health and wellness benefit for their 6 million eligible older adults¬†
  • 4.6M older adult learners who have benefited from our service¬†
  • Over 31,917 classes taught on the largest global community focused on healthy aging¬†
  • 800% year-over-year growth in users from 2020, showing that this is a massively underserved market
  • $1.1M+ invested in older adults on creating content on our site since Jan 2021

Our impact

  • Fitness - Improved the quality of life for older adults globally that didn‚Äôt have access to a senior center or gym, needed virtual classes, or classes adapted for aging.
  • Heath and Wellness - We have helped people to understand how to adapt and manage aging ailments through healthy behavior shifts. And a recent Learner survey found that 46% of Learners rated their overall health as a 9 or 10, out of 10, after becoming members of the community.
  • Finance - Improved financial inclusion, particularly in markets where women didn‚Äôt have access to financial education. We‚Äôve supported them through classes on managing finances and tools to assist in this.¬†¬†
  • Food and Nutrition - Enabled people all over the world to learn how to eat more healthily and affordably, and discover each others‚Äô cuisines.¬†
  • Social Hours and Classes - We have helped break stereotypes and connected older adults globally on topics they are interested in.
  • Connections -¬† We have enabled real friendships to form between friends locally and internationally both virtually and in person.¬†

‚ÄćWhat sets us apart¬†

  • Our platform enables older people to solve their own problems by teaching and helping each other through peer-to-peer learning on our site.¬†
  • Over 4.6 million people connect in a safe community where they can find others with similar interests.¬†
  • 4,450 unique sessions created by our community of older adults.¬†
  • Over 100 empowered older adults sharing their knowledge with others and 95% YoY growth of creators.
  • 24/7 around-the-clock classes on an inclusive tech platform that recognizes not everyone can download apps to enjoy virtually¬†
  • 4.9/5 customer satisfaction rate
  • Over 500 articles include GetSetUp in their news, including publications and websites like Forbes, USA Today, the NY Times, and many more.¬†
  • $1.1M in invested in GetSetUp content creators since Jan 2021¬†
  • $20.6M raised in funding from key investors like Cowboy Ventures, Primetime Partners, LightShed Ventures, Rethink Education, and more.¬†

Together we are working to address the needs of over 30% of the population that is expected to be 60+ by 2030. Thanks to partnerships with AAAs, State Departments of Aging, Health & Social Services, benefit/corporate wellness, Health Insurance Plans, Senior living communities, State library systems, and other organizations we are able to offer free resources to assist older adults. 

So on this very exciting anniversary of 2 years where we continue to grow and thrive we appreciate all the people, partners, and organizations that have helped to make the GetSetUp community a thriving success! 

May 17, 2022

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