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GetSetUp helps older adults reach their full potential in a socially interactive online learning environment. For the holidays over 75 participants joined for carols and activities.

GetSetUp launched in India less than two months ago and since then it has been growing exponentially. GetSetUp helps older adults reach their full potential in a socially interactive online learning environment. Classes are taught by older adults for peers. Plus each and every learner is an integral part of the learning process.

While many classes have smaller groups of learners coming to learn about health and well-being or technology, the largest GetSetUp event to date has been the India Carol Singing event. This event was too exciting to put a capped limit on and especially in the pandemic season the ability to celebrate with friends was a positive spin on a difficult year.

Over 75 people joined this exciting event from all across India and the world to share and spread holiday cheer. Many of whom came dressed in their holiday attire to share in the holiday spirit.

The US hosts its own holiday event later today! Join the fun.

Social Hour: Holiday Party

Celebrate the holidays with GetSetUp and come join us for a Holiday Party! We'll play some games and join in some good ol' caroling! You are welcome to lead the group if you have a favorite carol you like to play.

Special Guest and Learner contributions

This included special performances of Christmas carols in 7 different languages including:

  • JELC Choir Group from Orissa
  • Clement Sastriar played his violin live as Monica sang a carol in Tamil
  • Kartik Subramaniyan presented a Bengali carol
  • Kartar & Fly played the guitar and shared a carol in Manali
  • Vanita & Vijay Salvi shared a Marathi carol while playing the tabla
  • Elaine Parmar sang a carol in Gujarathi with her granddaughter occasionally joining in
  • Sabrina shared a Spanish classic carol Feliz Navidad

And many classic English Christmas songs like “Merry Christmas” and “Joy to the World” were played on Youtube so the whole group could sing along!

Holiday celebrations didn't stop with carols alone

Learners jumped in to share well wishes for the holiday season including stories, happy holidays, and recipes. Learners often brought their family members to share in the celebration showing off their Christmas tree, decorations, and fun holiday hats and attire.

Lynette explaining the legends of the fur tree and the story of hope behind the classic Christmas tree image. Highlighting some of the tales of how tinsel became a classic decoration of the tree thanks to a legend about spider webs that glistened in the light of a fur tree.

Sarita shared a healthy holiday recipe to create Marzipan. She showed participants how simple the recipe was to make walking them through the various steps to finally showing the finished product!

The session had the whole group singing Silent Night in the dark with just a candlelit, which truly held the magic of the season.

Learners and guides also shared pre-recorded video wishes for a happy holiday season to the GetSetUp community.

The fun didn’t stop after the scheduled hour, many learners were so excited after the final ending that they didn’t even get off the Zoom call but hung around for the ‘after-party’ chatting together and enjoying each other’s company.

Creating connection despite distance

GetSetUp has allowed learners to connect to fellow peers across the country in a year when travel was not as feasible as normal. Many people were unable due to quarantine and health restrictions to share in the holidays with those they love, so creating connection and access to celebrate together and share in video and song has been truly irreplaceable for these learners.

Make sure that everyone you know has the gift of fun interactive learning experiences with their peers! Give those you love a gift that keeps giving learning, fun, and empowerment throughout the year.

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May 20, 2022

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