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GetSetUp's Rapid Response Services help the 50+ demographic who need training on new technologies, apps, and software in small group or one-on-one classes.

With the onset of Covid-19 and the requirement that we stay quarantined at home, it is now more critical than ever that 50+ and Seniors have access to communication tools, and services needed to live safely and comfortably. GetSetUp is here with Rapid Response Services to help the 50+ demographic who are experiencing technical difficulties and need training on new technologies, apps, and software in a short period of time. We provide small group or one-on-one classes that help to ensure users understand interfaces, apps, and technologies to ensure confidence, ease of use, and independence.

GetSetUp provides remote live training on online tools and apps to the especially vulnerable senior demographic ensuring they stay connected. We help 50+ customers and users learn how to use your products and engage with them quickly and effectively. This increases loyalty, reduces churn, and saves companies a lot of costs. GetSetUp offers “re-skilled” retired educators as “Guides” to train their peers in online tools and other classes to help them feel more independent and up-to-date. It’s like having your own Genius bar for 50+-year-olds with the coronavirus we saw a unique opportunity to provide this on a more holistic scale to a wider community.

Our approach thus far has been multi-prong with 5 core areas of focus.

  1. Enabling the 50+ demographic to learn technology

Our principal goal is to enable the 50+ and senior demographic to learn technology (software + tools) to live healthy, productive, and connected lives. Our live interactive sessions are very scalable and help reduce social isolation during crises. We offer 400 hours/week of live classes, with more classes being added regularly, across topics listed in the categories below.

  • Small business tools
  • Government
  • Health and wellness
  • Hiring and jobs
  • New skills
  • Staying connected
  • Essential tech
  • Aging in place

When the pandemic crisis hit, we already had a solid core team of Guides to help train people and we wanted to provide support to our customer base and the public at large. Therefore, we provided access to 40+ FREE live online classes focused on 50+ learners to help get them up to speed quickly on essential technology for life in the current pandemic stay-at-home situation. These included skills such as grocery delivery, telemedicine solutions, Zoom, Uber, and more.

In addition to group classes, GetSetUp offers fee-based private, one-on-one online instruction in additional career, small business, and special interest topics such as creating a website or Quickbooks for managing accounts.

2. Create Economic Opportunities for the Aging Population

Secondly, we provide economic opportunity by re-skilling existing retired seniors to become onboarding Guides and trainers on a scalable live interactive platform. Our Guides use our digital adoption platform to teach other individuals like themselves over live video in small groups or one-on-one. Learning from peers who are empathetic, patient, and experts on these tools creates a safe learning environment for adults who need to learn the technology. This creates opportunities for the aging population to participate in the economy right from their home.

3. Assist Government Agencies with Forms and Applications

Re-skilled guides teach others how to use important government-related software, apps & websites, so they can fill out government forms and applications. These types of assistance include:

We build a scalable rapid training program to create a workforce of experts on essential digital tools for the government. This increases response rates to government programs provides more accurate form submissions and reduces the inbound volume of calls to helplines.

GetSetUp has created a digital adoption platform that is enabling seniors to serve as the superheroes of today’s economy, tapping a huge, growing population of top-quality retired educators to help teach essential tech skills to others.

Organizations, companies, and the government are seeing us as an already established resource to help teach less-tech savvy consumers tech products. For example, we worked with AARP Connections to provide a bundle specific 30 new tools for seniors in “Education” and “Technology to Stay Connected” to help support the AARP clients through customized classes on our site. This supported 2000+ individuals in the first 2 weeks since the launch of the program on activities, like Telemedicine, Grocery delivery, Installing Zoom, Applying for Social Security, and Medicare online.

4. Classes Curated for 50+ School Teachers

Through a partnership between GetSetUp and The Learning Accelerator, we established an educator-to-educator training on the tools necessary to plan, connect, and provide instruction to support students with online learning.

We prepared our 3-day rapid response GetSetUp Academy to re-skilled 40 retired educators to become experts in the tools essential for our public school teachers who needed to teach remotely during the corona crisis. Then over the course of a week we provided over 300+ hours of live onboarding and training to educators so they felt self-sufficient and confident in the tools and technology they needed to start teaching students remotely.

These helped to answer some of the teachers' questions on learning more about and benefitting from such classes as:

  • Google Classroom
  • How to use Google Hangouts Meet
  • Google for Education: Docs and Slides
  • Share your ideas using “Screencasting”
  • YouTube: Record and post video online
  • Use Zoom to connect with students

5. Trained Consumers on Effectively Using Apps

Our work with 50+ learns helps to train them as well to become consumers of virtual app services. This includes classes on apps such as:

  • Paying Bills and Online Banking
  • Getting Set Up with Ride Services
  • Grocery Delivery Services

Why hire us to ensure you are reaching your target consumers during the crisis?

GetSetUp is gaining momentum and growing. We have a number of rapid response services and can customize them to meet your company or organization's needs.

Contact us to find out how we can help your company effectively communicate with employees, consumers, teachers, students, and 50+ learners in your life. Let us help you feel more connected during social isolation.

Jun 17, 2022

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