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Keep GetSetUp classes streaming in the background and learn while you watch your favorite guides and see old and new friends on the GetSetUp community taking classes as you do other things.

At GetSetUp, we're focused on providing older adults engaging, interactive online classes to learn new skills and make new connections. That's why we're excited to announce that select GetSetUp classes can now be found LIVE streaming on our GetSetUp Facebook Page. A hand-selected batch of our most in-demand classes is now going Live on Facebook. We’re starting with two hours of classes a day, and we’ll add more live streams over the next few weeks. That way there is always something for people to watch and learn from.

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Why stream live?

GetSetup strives to keep our classes intimate and small. For learners who want to fully participate in a GetSetUp class and be able to ask questions and get help, your best bet is to register for the class on our website However, sometimes classes fill up and learners can’t get in. Thanks to live streaming on Facebook, learners can now watch the classes.

Plus every live stream has a link to the next class being hosted so if you could not get into a class because it was full, it is easy to sign up for the next class. Just click the link in the class description to sign up for the next class and be able to take part, ask questions, and get them answered live.

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Have friends that are hesitant to try a new platform?

Promote these great Facebook Live events for friends who want to view a class before jumping in to participate. You never have to worry about classes filling up as Facebook Live allows everyone the ability to watch and then book a future spot in a class to participate!

Want to invite and share with friends?

Simply click share event to your Facebook profile to be able to notify your friends and invite them to the Facebook Live events that you think might be of interest to them!

We look forward to seeing you in a class sometime soon–either at www.getsetup.orgwhere you can chat with the group, and get your questions answered live or on Facebook Live!


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