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Enjoy the shift of seasons with our Harvest Festival! We have a great lineup of fun Fall classes designed to enhance your seasonal transition.

Summer is coming to an end and we are getting set for Fall with our seasonal Harvest Festival series. Enjoy the Fall season with scenic nature photos or indulge in your favorite pumpkin spiced lattes. Plus it's the perfect time to explore sweet treats, get creative and celebrate everyone's favorite spooky holiday - Halloween! 

We have a great lineup of fun fall classes designed to enhance your seasonal transition. Enjoy the shift of seasons with our Harvest Festival!

Fall into creativity

Be creative this fall with classes focused on creativity. Join a drawing class to explore the shifts in the season or use a camera to capture the amazing colors! 

Drawing Club for Beginners

If you've always wanted to learn how to draw, but have been a little apprehensive, then join in on this beginners session where we learn to enhance our drawing skills from scratch.

So get ready to bring out the inner artist in you in our Halloween special class where we will explore making Halloween-themed drawings.

Focus on Photography- Fall Photography Ideas

Autumn is the perfect time of year for capturing beautiful and interesting pictures. It's the time when nature is full of vibrant colors and offers plenty of opportunities for budding photographers. In this class, we will learn how to capture beautiful pictures of fallen leaves, tree branches, and more.

Explore fall tastes

Prepare some delicious treats and savory meals this fall. Consider fun Halloween treats for the kids or great dinners to help you unwind after a long day.

Fun Halloween treats for kids of all ages 

Bewitchingly delicious is how we would describe the Halloween treats you will learn to make in this class! Surprise your grandkids with these treats on Halloween or simply join in on this class with them to make it even more eventful!

Great Fall Dinners 

There's something about fall dinner recipes that warms our hearts and makes autumn our favorite season. Warm yourself with these cozy dinner ideas and bid farewell to the summer. Bon Appetit!

Explore fall holidays 

Celebrate fall holidays with the GetSetUp community. Learn about Halloween and share in the joy of this fun and spooky holiday together. Then focus on remembrance with Dia de los Muertos.

Halloween Holiday History 

Have you ever wondered what's the real history of Halloween and why we specifically celebrate it on the 31st of October? Did you know that Halloween wasn't always about carving pumpkins and collecting sweet treats? Join in on this class and learn interesting facts about the origins of this spooky widely celebrated holiday.

Halloween Scary Music Hour

Get ready to indulge in some spooky classics as we explore some of the scariest music ever written and guess famous Halloween movies through their theme songs with Guide Donna.

Dia De Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead

Dia De Los Muertos - the Day of the Dead- is a holiday celebrated on November 1. The tradition originated from Mexico and is centuries old. It is most common among Latino communities and is nowhere as near as Halloween. Join this class with a friend and learn together about this holiday's unique history and tradition.

 Don't fall into this Fall season without taking some time to celebrate with the GetSetUp community! 

May 17, 2022

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