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“I’m 66 but I don’t feel that age. Some people on GetSetUp are 20+ years my senior. I love the fact I feel safe on GetSetUp and I want people in my groups to feel that way too. It’s a powerful sense of community. Plus the ethos are really great. If they weren’t I wouldn’t be here." said Gayla.

Gayla first heard about GetSetUp through word of mouth last October. She was in an AARP class since she was going to retire soon. A local of Tucson, Arizona, she was considering reinventing herself. She wanted to plan what she wanted to do next.

“One of the participants of that event mentioned they take these great interactive classes on GetSetUp, so I went to check it out the next day. I’ve been here ever since.”

Gayla finds that GetSetUp stands apart because it nurtures its community. Gayla is part of that nurture by hosting two sessions: Law of Attraction and Kitchen Tech.

“I love the interest groups. The thing about them is you can do it over and over and they are different every time. I’ve shown up to every plant based eating group there is! There’s a whole lot of information there and different people share different ways to cook. We all share stories too so there is lots of learning going on.”

Gayla sees some of the interest groups as really starting to gel with a good core group. Plus she feels that Norman does a fantastic job organizing the groups.

“He’s really easy to work with and he has certainly been supportive.”

Gayla describes herself as self-motivated and self-driven so she really looks forward to seeing the people in her groups each week. When she’s not leading an interest group she enjoys taking Kristine’s journaling for mindfulness class. She’s also taken a couple of tech classes.

“I’ve certainly learned more about Zoom than I ever thought I would. My family had used Zoom once a week to get together prior to the pandemic but there was more to learn when that was the only means of communication.”

May 22, 2022
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