Key Takeaways:

  • Finding an age-friendly employer is worth the effort as they offer better opportunities, a positive workplace environment, and are more likely to attract and retain top talent.
  • Age-friendly employers prioritize the needs of older workers, providing benefits like flexibility, wellness programs, and continuing education opportunities.
  • To find age-friendly employers, look for companies with diversity and inclusion policies, those promoting age-friendly practices, and those investing in employee health and well-being through resources like flexible scheduling and wellness programs.

inding an age-friendly employer can be difficult, but it's worth the effort.

If you're currently unemployed or looking for a new job, you may be concerned about how your age will affect your search. But there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of finding an employer who is willing to hire older workers.

First, what is an Age-Friendly Employer?

An age-friendly employer is an organization that is aware of the needs of older workers and has a strategy to meet those needs.

To be considered an age-friendly employer, companies must:

  • Be aware of the needs of older workers in the company (e.g., flexibility, wellness programs).
  • Have a strategy in place to meet these needs (e.g., telecommuting options; paid time off for continuing education classes).

Benefits of Age-Friendly Employers

There are many benefits of an age-friendly employer. Age-friendly employers offer better opportunities for their older employees and can provide a more positive workplace environment.

The benefits of being an age-friendly employer include:

  • Age-Friendly Employers are more likely to attract and retain talent. Employers who have an age-friendly workplace have a higher likelihood of attracting and retaining top talent, which results in a better bottom line.
  • Employees who feel valued are more productive. When you know your employer invests in you as an employee, it’s easier for employees to work hard for the company.

Finding Age-Friendly Employers

Here are some ways to find age-friendly employers:

  • Look for companies with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Companies that already have policies in place that support diversity often also offer age-friendly benefits.
  • Look for companies that are promoting age-friendly practices. If there is an existing employee resource group (ERG), consider joining it—it's a great way to get involved with other people who care about your needs as an older worker.
  • Look for companies that are investing in their employees' health and wellbeing by offering resources like flexible scheduling, paid leave policies, wellness programs (like exercise classes or gym memberships), transportation subsidies/discounts (e.g., bike shares), etc. These types of benefits can help keep you healthy throughout your career so you don't burn out before retirement hits--and it may even help you land promotions because employers tend to reward those who demonstrate high levels of work engagement through positive health habits like these ones mentioned here!

There are many benefits to working for an age-friendly employer.

It’s not just the perks or working conditions—it’s also the feeling of community you get with your colleagues and managers.

The feeling that you’re not just a number, but someone who matters. It’s the feeling that your employer cares about your well-being and wants you to succeed. And it’s this sense of community that can help keep older workers engaged in their jobs longer.

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Dec 13, 2022
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