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Guide Glenda embodies life-long learning and is bringing more movement to GetSetUp classes this year. Learn more about Glenda and join her in staying active in 2021.


Glenda truly embodies life-long learning. She went back to school after 50 to get her Masters in Education. Prior to that, she had used her undergraduate degree in Business to work in consulting and technology, but she realized she ended up training and helping people more often. So, she shifted to online education. She felt the flexibility of online meant she would have at least another 20 some years of work if she wanted.

Glenda first connected with GetSetUp through a job advertisement she saw for Guides in an email.

“I was already teaching online and I thought I can do that! Plus it sounds like fun! I thought it would be nice to teach other older adults.”

Glenda loves teaching others to learn. She thinks learning is a particularly important skill for the senior demographic because it gives them the opportunity to explore something new.

“I am considered a senior myself even though I’m at the younger end of senior.  So it is really interesting and exciting to be working for GetSetup. Not only do I get to play a part in maybe helping someone that is 10 or even 20 years older than me, but I also get to keep on learning new things. So it's a win-win situation.”
May 20, 2022

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