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Edwin specializes in helping people deal with the non-financial aspects of retirement. This is what brought him to GetSetUp to share with other retirees the keys to being happier in retirement. Learn how to be happier and share retirement tips with peers!

After retiring from a career as an IT project manager, Edwin Smith needed something to do with his newfound time. While researching his options, it became clear to him that nearly all the retirement info he found online all dealt with the financial issues of a post-career life so he began researching the non-financial retirement issues, namely the biological, sociological and psychological aspects of life.

After extensive research, he was so intrigued with his findings that he decided to pivot and picked up several certifications as a life coach. He now specializes in helping people deal with the non-financial aspects of retirement.

“Working with my clients the phrase I heard more than anything else was - ‘I just want to be happy and do what I enjoy.”

Armed with research in positive psychology related to happiness combined with his retirement coaching experience, he was ready to share his knowledge in an interest group.

“The group is for anyone that wants to be happier and is hoping to raise their level of happiness by acquiring some strategies and tips.”

Keys to a happier life

Happiness: we all seek it, yet it is so elusive for so many people. But did you know that happiness is a skill you can learn? We’ll discuss a different aspect of happiness every week. My plan is to have a different theme for each meeting to start off our discussions. Come share what works for you and come learn what works for fellow participants.

Much of Edwin’s research supported an old Native American tale which explains that  - a person won’t find happiness in other people, in a better job, or in acquiring things - happiness is found deep inside your heart; that is where we need to look happiness.

Jun 22, 2022
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