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Guest Speaker Rowland shares a day in the life of a red blood cell. This class is a neat way to ride along with a red blood cell to learn heart-healthy habits.

You may have seen Rowland Chen speaking about Artificial Intelligence, but did you know he is a former physiology research scientist? His graduate school thesis specifically focused on cardiopulmonary physiology.

To celebrate Heart Health, GetSetUp has launched a special heart-focused series of classes.

Classes to Give Your Heart Some Love

Learners can choose from over 18 heart-focused classes to help you learn and improve your habits around healthy foods, reducing stress, and exercise. Throughout the month we will be adding new classes to this series so keep checking back.

Rowland Chen Is Excited To Continue Being a GetSetUp Guest Speaker

Follow your blood! Enjoy a special Guest Speaker event about the workings of the cardiopulmonary system (heart and lungs) from the point of view of a red blood cell. We will follow a red blood cell (RBC) from how it is produced through its journey around the human body.

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Why Learn About Your Red Blood Cells?

February is Heart Health Month. This is a time that President Lyndon B. Johnson set aside in 1964 to really spotlight heart disease. This is the 57th year commemorating this national month focused on heart health education. The overall goal is to decrease this disease which is the #1 killer of Americans.

That's why on Thursday, Feb. 23, From the Heart, Day in the life of a Red Blood Cell is a neat way to ride along with a red blood cell. This class will be interactive, and Rowland hopes that learners will ask questions and provide great insights and comments.

Learners who attend this event will learn:

  • About the cardiopulmonary system and its function
  • A bit about anatomy and physiology
  • How a doctor monitors cardio-pulmonary health
  • Heart-healthy habits
“Putting all physiology aside, the real message is that people can maintain a healthy heart by some behavior changes such as adjustments to diet, exercise, and stress management,” said Rowland. “I like GetSetUp. It’s basically a social enterprise. We are doing good by getting seniors connected as learners and learning guides. We are creating a community for a group that has typically been overlooked for accessible education. I think there is a big opportunity here for everyone to be lifelong learners.”

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Guest Speaker: From the Heart, Day in the life of a Red Blood Cell

May 18, 2022

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