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Humans have always strived to live longer and better. Discover the blue zones where longevity is higher than average. These 5 locations spread around the globe have the highest portions of people who reach 100+ years old. Learn their secrets to long and healthy lives. Many of the residents of these places suffer less from common aging diseases like cancer, heart disease, and dementia all while being able to enjoy more years of good health.

Humans have always strived to live longer and better. What makes that possible for some people with more ease than others is the subject of ongoing research. The issue came to the forefront when National Geographic‚Äôs cover story for November 2005 was ‚ÄúThe Secrets of Long Life‚Ä̬† by Dan Buettner which covered the regions now termed Blue Zones.¬†

What are Blue Zones?

The term Blue Zone came about from research done by Michel Poulain, Giovanni Pes, et al. for the Experimental Gerontology on regions they circled in blue where longevity was higher than average. Initially, they were researching villages in Sardinia, Italy where there were high concentrations of male centenarians. Buettner went on to elaborate on this research and added an additional four locations. 

Sep 15, 2022

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