Key Takeaways:

GetSetUp supported Dixie with her confidence and skill set during the early days of the pandemic.


Dixie P., 69, retired almost ten years ago from her career as an auto-claims handler for an insurance company. A Michigander, born and bred, she loves where she lives and believes it’s one of the safest states to live and jokes that the only environmental extreme they experience is a bit of heat and humidity in the summer. 

Dixie learned about GetSetUp in the early days of the pandemic and found the platform absolutely vital when we were all suddenly locked in our own homes,

“GetSetUp was a lifeline for me! It was wonderful to be able to connect with so many people online. I arrived and explored, and in the beginning found classes on dealing with the computer, using Word and other computer programs. The timing was amazing! Last winter, I became the executor of my brother’s estate and had to come up with documents for the lawyers. 

It all eased my mind and gave me the confidence to do the job.”

Even Dixie’s volunteering role at the hospital, assisting with the Red Cross Blood Drives, were affected by the pandemic. She really had her routine stolen away. She’s keen to promote GetSetUp to every one of her peers, though.

“There is no one best thing about GetSetUp. The classes, the Guides, the socialization, and variety of classes available still amazes me.” 

Dixie recommends GetSetUp to anyone in the working world or retired. The benefits are there for everyone to enjoy, 

“There’s a lot of classes that would have been helpful if I had continued working. Learning about my own smartphone functionality has helped me in my day-to-day life. I’m not a technological person, so to be taught in a slow and methodical environment was incredibly valuable to me.”

The best thing to come out of taking classes on this platform for Dixie is how she feels about her own communication skills.

“My confidence and teamwork abilities have all improved. If I was still in the workforce, I’d have gained a lot. As a retiree, those are benefits, not requirements. I get so much pleasure from it all though. I’ve enjoyed cooking classes and exercise classes too.” 

Exercise is already a keen interest. I exercise a lot. I walk to clear my head. And when the weather’s not great, I use a Nordic Track elliptical in the house too. That didn’t stop the pandemic feeling scary though. In those early days, GetSetUp saved me from getting depressed when we weren’t allowed to go anywhere.   

The impact GetSetUp has on people is completely personal, but what seems to be universal is the level of impact.  

“These classes make me more determined to be healthy and stay healthy. This organization gives me the confidence to know there are things out there to support me take the best care of myself - physically and mentally. I would recommend GetSetUp to anyone thinking about getting back into work or progressing their job, as well as those that just want to learn.” 

Jun 14, 2022
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