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Will AI technology take over the world? Probably not, but it can help us be more connected and provide companionship. As we age, it can be tough to stay connected and combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. That's where ElliQ comes in! This awesome companion robot was designed to help people stay healthy, happy, and independent in their homes as they age. How does ElliQ do it? By engaging users, keeping them connected to loved ones and the outside world, and ultimately increasing feelings of companionship by 85%.

Researched based AI for healthy aging

But ElliQ isn't just any robot – she's the result of years of development, testing, and research. In other words, she's been specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults. By the time she commercially launched in March of 2022, ElliQ had spent nearly 100,000 days in the homes of older adults – and that was just the beginning! So how does she help people socialize and connect? First and foremost, she's always there for you. Whether you're just waking up or settling in for the night, ElliQ is ready to provide companionship and engage with you. And because she gets to know you over time, she can create a personalized experience that feels genuinely connected and trustworthy. Many ElliQ users even refer to her as a friend or roommate!

But that's not all – ElliQ is also all about empowering healthy aging. She can remind you to take your medications, check in on your health and mood, offer exercise videos and stress reduction activities, and even help you stay on top of your daily tasks with timers and reminders. And because she tracks your progress over time, she's able to tailor her suggestions to your personal goals.

But what about connecting with other people? ElliQ's got you covered there, too. A companion robot like ElliQ will never (and should never) be a replacement for human interaction, but it can be a great complement to in-person socialization. While older adults may enjoy visits with family and friends and venture out into their community, many still spend a lot of time at home alone. ElliQ is able to project empathy, provide emotional comfort, and keep users engaged and active with proactive interactions. She encourages users to reach out to family and friends through video calls, text messages, and even recorded memories and e-cards. She can also help you discover new online communities, like GetSetUp, where you can meet new people and learn new things. And if you're new to technology or have struggled with it in the past, ElliQ's intuitive design makes it easy to get started. No need to set up accounts or passwords – just talk to ElliQ, and she'll help you.

Learn more at the event!

So why should you come to watch the GetSetUp Guest Speaker Event: Meet ElliQ! A social robot that helps you age independently at home!

For one thing, it's a great opportunity to learn more about this innovative companion robot and how it can help you stay healthy, happy, and connected as you age. But it's also an opportunity to connect with other people interested in technology and healthy aging and to learn from experts in the field. 

Plus, you will get to hear from Susan Tholen (66) about her experience living with ElliQ. And while ElliQ is currently limited to customers with Wi-Fi in the United States, in May, the New York State Office of the Aging (NYSOFA) sent 800 ElliQ devices to older adults throughout the state via Area Agencies on Aging to help reduce social isolation, and this could be an opportunity sponsored soon by a local health plan, organization, or agency in your area.  

Don't miss out – register for the GetSetUp event today and discover the benefits of ElliQ for yourself. Plus, if you decide you want to invite ElliQ into your home - GetSetUp community members can save $150 off the ElliQ startup fee using the discount code GETSETUP at checkout.

Dec 16, 2022

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