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Cora is a woman of many talents. After working in the apparel industry for over thirty years, she retired from Bombay to Goa. Here she tackles various business ideas, utilizing the advice from Guide Binda and Raju to pick the best course of action.

The choice

"Guide Binda helped me find clarity because I am interested in many things."

Cora decided to invest in a business she could control: artwork. Painting and creating have always struck a chord with Cora. She paints recycled wine bottles, plates, and yogurt containers while making jewelry with fabric and beads. As a next step, Startup Accelerator Program classes encourage Cora to set up social media shops. Guide Raju's technology classes are among her favorites of these courses. 

"I knew how to use Gmail and technology, but I realized there was much more to learn when I attended his class. It was exciting. I also enjoy Guide Binda's classes. She is such a great motivator." 

Cora is currently working on her digital marketing skills and is thrilled to use them to promote her business. 

ÔÇŹWriting and cooking

"I am also a freelance writer, and I have edited around 200 fiction books from authors and publishers." 

Her editing skills reach various genres, including mystery, thrillers, crime, romance, mythology, historical fiction, and sci-fi. In addition to editing, she also writes short stories and poetry. For spooky story lovers, check out one of Cora's short stories, The Last Hallowe'en in 31 Days of October: A Haunting Collection of Hallowe'en Tales. Cora also enjoys making pickles and salad dressings. She used to distribute these delicious recipes to friends and family. "I used to be called pickle queen by my friends. But the pickling business can be unstable, so I never went commercial."

Watch Cora and the rest of the Startup Accelerator participant on Demo Days when they will pitch their business ideas for a chance at $10,000 to support their ventures.

Jun 23, 2022
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