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Guide Deb hosts Tara Bisogna for a four-session series that will feature recipe preparation and conversations about the healthy nutritional aspects of the Mediterranean diet. Sessions will focus on preparing Pasta alla Norma, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and tips on cooking meals for two.

Throughout  August, classes on travel, art, music, and photography will focus on Italy. Plus, there will be a special guest series focused on cooking delicious Italian dishes. Explore Italy each week with guides focused on unique aspects of Italian culture. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home. Chef Tara Bisogna will help you bring delicious and healthy, Mediterranean dishes to your table.

The cookbook Cooking With Love from Italy by Chef Tara Bisogna.

Cooking Mediterranean Style with Tara Bisogna

One of the most beloved aspects of Italy is, of course, the food. Learn how to create great Italian food in¬†Cooking Mediterranean Style!¬†with Chef Tara Bisogna.‚Äč‚Äč

Tara Bisogna currently lives in Arco, Italy. She is the author of Cooking With Love From Italy. A chiropractor, functional medical doctor, and master herbalist, she puts all her passion and health knowledge into her delicious home-cooked meals.

Tara grew up in an Italian-American family in the heart of the Deep South, where she learned to love and appreciate food and its preparation at an early age. She spent countless hours learning how to make pasta and bread from scratch with her grandparents. They infused their dishes with fresh vegetables and herbs from their garden. As a result, every recipe reminds her of her heritage: her uncle’s pizza and pasta recipes to sweets made with her mother and the love of cooking over an open fire pit from her father.

Join Guide Deb as she hosts Tara for a four-session series that will feature recipe preparation and conversations about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. These sessions will focus on preparing Pasta Alla Norma, the nutritional advantages of basil and eggplant, and tips on cooking meals for two.


Jun 14, 2022

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